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Is my cat okay?

Asked by Qwertymuffin411 (550points) February 12th, 2010

She’s 16 years old, and she used to be a very quiet cat, but now she meows a lot (she’s been meowing constantly for the past hour today), and she also throws up more than she used to. We’ve tried changing her food, she’s well loved and very spoiled, is this something to worry about? Thanks.

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I’d certainly take her to the vet with a sudden behavioral change and increased vomiting.

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Changing a cat’s food will make them vomit more, FYI.

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I agree with Snarp. Any sudden change in behavior should be treated seriously. Take the cat to the vet.

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At her age, she’s got to have some fragile innards. She’s clearly in pain. How can you hesitate? Amazing.

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It sounds like my cat. Only he may be a few years older.

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I would be most concerned about the constant meowing. That’s her substitute for speech so I’m guessing she’s in pain from something.

Get her checked out by a Vet ASAP. Don’t wait till Monday.

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My first thought was she’s in pain….

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Take her to the vet. Usually a cat won’t meow non-stop unless they’re in pain or don’t have any food. Maybe it’s just her time to go.

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Maybe she has a UTI. Has she been peeing anywhere other than her box that you know of?

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if im honest i cant believe u actually had 2 ask other people about this if ur pet seems different or if i starts 2 throw up of course u should take it 2 a ve its common sense

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If I took my cat to the Vet every time she throws up we’d be spending an awful lot of time there.

Cats throw up hairballs on a regular basis but the constant meowing is of primary concern.

That’s not normal for a cat to be doing at all (unless they’re Siamese and they practically never shut up) :D

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I would have a vet check her out for sure. The meowing could mean distress, pain, discomfort, but its not normal.

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