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Have you noticed more people wear hats that have dog-ear flaps on them?

Asked by Kraigmo (7816points) February 12th, 2010

I’ve seen at least 20 people this winter with hats that have dog-ear flaps on them.

So how did this start? Suddenly the nation thinks its Minnesota or Alaska. What rock star or actor wore the dog ears, that caused so many others to do so as well?

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Yes, apparently it’s hip to be square. Actually I’ve wanted one for some time now, preferably the full on fur lined leather mad bomber style, but I guess if it’s trendy I can’t get one.

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Where I live, Northern Alberta, you keep your dang ears covered or lose them! ;)

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“Yes, apparently it’s hip to be square.”

So you mean there’s hope for me?


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Actually they’re quite functionable too. They really do keep your head very warm! I think they look alright too. :)

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It’s called a fashion trend. In other words: Something I will have to give into at some point. As a matter of fact, I’m going to go purchase me a dog-ear flappy thingy hat tonight.

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Happened in England too.
It’s only chavs and poser kids who have them though.

I think it looks lame as fuck.

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@The_Idler That’s the second time someone English has posted the term “chavs.” What does it mean?

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@janbb Only if Huey Lewis and I are right.

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Ah, so this chav business is Brit speak? I don’t know what it means, but it just sounds offensive. Brits used to be so much more creative with their insults.

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It’s not an insult. Well only as much as “redneck” is an insult.

chav comes from the Romani (gypsy) word for child.

it means a disrespectful, uneducated, violent and abusive youth,
or at least one that respects and idolizes that kind of behaviour.

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I think they are hideously ugly and every time I see someone at my college wearing one I want to snatch it off their head.

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@The_Idler Ah – so they don’t use “yobbo” any more?

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Chavs are yobs but not all yobs are chavs. but nowadays almost all yobs are chavs.

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Clear as mud. Thanks.

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@The_Idler So basically you’re a chav? ~

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@erichw1504 Yeah, why dontcha f’ck’n come say dat t’ ma f’ck’n face an i’ll f’ck’n knock ya da f’ck out!

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Now I get it!

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@janbb You’re welcome.

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GUILTY! woof! :)

I have 2 such hats and they work well for cold weather walks.I am outside daily(usually) regardless of weather.

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people are wearing them because those hats freakin’ own. they keep your ears warm and you lose a lot of body heat through your ears. also they are stylish and delightful

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YES! I guess it’s like a two-in-one thing…earmuffs for the ears, and a hat for the head. Or, it’s in style, or….eh I’m out of ideas

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I got mine about 15 years ago. It is a Mad Bomber lined with rabbit fur. It keeps my big ass Obama ears warm. I didn’t know they were trendy now.

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They are very big this year in high school in San Francisco where the temperature can dip down to 50*. As far as I can tell all the social groups are wearing them and evidently the ggoier the look, the better

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Yes, those hats are gay.

But, that would be my first choice of a hat, on a cold and windy day.

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How are hats gay? Do you think they are attracted to similar hats? When a woman wears one is the hat lesbian?

@ChazMaz calling something that you don’t find acceptable “gay” is so 1990’s. which I guess makes you so g… Get it?

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@galileogirl – GA! Glad you are with the program. :-)

And, I think it is more 1980’s.

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They are the best hats ever and if you reverse them they double nicely as a snack bowl for those impromptu parties on the trail.

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No. I never see them in my area.

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I think they look good. But only when functioning. But I’ve seen some people wear ‘em when it’s not that cold out. But they’re not ugly or nothing.

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