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can you use an iPod car charger on a iphone ??

Asked by ibanezfunk (21points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m currently using my old Monster FM Modulator/charger on the iPhone and the charger works fine. I’m assume that this will be the case with any other recent iPod charger.

Note that the FM modulator works too but you have to set the iPhone to “airplane mode” which means not receiving any incoming calls. Sucks for those looking to use a FM modulator but makes sense from a technical pov.

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I use an old one. Not sure if of effects anything but so far so good.

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I’m using a Kensington FM transmitter/charger and it works without any issues. While I do get a MSG saying it is “not designed for this device” and it asks if I would like to switch to airplane mode, I answer “no” (so I can still receive calls) and it charges and transmits perfectly. And yes, I am able to receive calls while charging / playing as well.

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yes you can. I bought one for my iPod months ago and it works fine.

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Yes, they are the same unit. The one that comes with the iPhone is a little bit smaller, but it has the same internals as the standard iPod charger. New adapters are $29 and include a USB cable.

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