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In your work or school environment, what outrageous requests have you heard?

Asked by Jeruba (48706points) February 12th, 2010

I’m specifically excluding family and friends, especially parents and children, who are apt to make requests routinely that we might consider outrageous. Those go with the territory and probably don’t warrant any special attention.

Instead I’m asking about requests you have heard in a professional or quasi-business setting, such as a customer or patient or student who made some extraordinary demand.

Do you have any theory about why those folks felt entitled to ask for such a thing?

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Where I attend college, there was once a custodian who requested school uniforms. Why? Because all the students had “horrible color sense” and she was sick of seeing it every day.

I suppose she felt that as a valuable employee, she had the right to bypass authority above her and make decisions for the board. Go figure. How dare the work environment not adapt to her liking and how dare the students not grovel at her feet…

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In my first job as a Taco Bell cashier, I inadvertently skipped a guy line, by taking the order of someone who was behind him in line (I thought they were all together since he held the door for them when they all walked in together). After I apologized and tried to take his order, he said he didn’t want anything. When he made no attempt to leave, I asked what I could do, and he said, “I just want to stand here and ruin your day like you ruined mine.”

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Once, at another job as an Applebee’s waiter (it’s a bar and grill, mind you), I had some vegans come in and ask to have their food grilled on a separate grill from where the meat was grilled.

When I told them we only had one grill, they asked me to have the cooks grill their food on a separate side of the grill—away from the meat.

I relayed this to the kitchen staff (think of the movie Waiting and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the kitchen staff). When I brought the food out, the customers complained that they could tell that their food had been grilled on the same grill as meat.

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I used to cashier at a grocery store. I had a customer come through and ask me to clean her shoes. She’d walked through the bulk foods aisle and stepped on some raisins and they’d gotten smeared all over the sole.

Different day. Customer had hands covered with peanut butter because he was inept at using the big spoon to fill his container with the bulk stuff. he approached the manager on duty and asked for help. Manager said ‘Sure,’ thinking he’d get the guy a towel. Customer said ‘Thanks!’ and wiped his buttery hands off on Manager’s black dress apron, all down the front, as if it were a rag.

Tons more. It was a store that attracted people who felt they were royalty.

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I heard are we giving out bonuses and are you going to give gift cards like last year all withing a one month period from the same employee…I was and still am flabbergasted by the audacity of that person especially when 10% of the population was being laid off or losing their jobs WTH???.

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@Poser God, how old was that guy at Taco Bell? 3? Sounds like somebody should’ve called that ambulance that comes when people cry…can’t remember what the name is…

Some people… :P

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I worked in one of those places once! Though the cleaning-with-your-apron thing was limited to an old lady asking if I could dry her glasses.

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