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What are your opinions on the Halloween horror movie series?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) February 12th, 2010

Past and present, from the original to Rob Zombie’s remakes, what do you think of the franchise?
In my mind, or at least to my understanding, it’s always been a broken series that can’t make up it’s mind as to where it wants to go, and I always thought that was odd, even when considering the small expectations most of anyone has for the slasher genre.
Yet it makes it very interesting, and I always have fun watching the movies, the settings from the eighties and, as ridiculous as it can get, the grandiosity and freak factor of the antagonist.
Devoid of emotion, mechanical and relentless, Michael Myers is my childhood hero, and I get a kick out of seeing him sneak around, slaughter people and then meeting some inevitable slasher climax where he gets owned, only to come back later, no matter how outrageous it gets.
The series also has a heavy history…generally, everyone likes the first movie the best, as it’s the only one that one might actually take seriously, and everything is riddled with issues about signed contracts, controversy or actors meeting fame from playing in these…originating long before Friday the 13th, Halloween basically took what Psycho created and gave it the shape that, nearly 30 years after we still know the slasher genre for.
Love it or hate it, post your thoughts?

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Hmmmm. Well, the music was highly annoying. : )

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@CaptainHarley I often ask myself; would these movies have been as successful as they were if that theme song wasn’t in it? I see how it can get annoying, but it is rather enjoyed by many, so sometimes I wonder haha if it would have been as good without the song.

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The original Halloween is still my favorite horror movie of all time. I’m a child of the eighties, so I saw it when it first came out in the theaters, and have watched it many times since then. I feel like it did set the rules for subsequent slasher films, as mentioned many years later in Scream (another great film of the genre): Promiscuous girl dies/virgin lives; Never assume the villain is dead, etc.

As for the series, I’m indifferent. Like so many other sequels, each addition to the franchise was more ridiculous than the last, with the possible exception of Halloween: H20.

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I absolutely hate ‘em :) After the first one,all others were ignored.Those type of movies to me are a bore.

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They have made way too many of them.

Just like the IDIOTIC Friday the 13th series which will never end, for the love of God.

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The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that I never watched any of those.

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I’m with @augustlan. The first one is my absolute favorite horror flick. None of the others measure up at all. Michael Meyers is my worst freaking nightmare. After watching any of the movies, I have nightmares for weeks. The original, however, is the only one that scares me as I’m watching it. The Rob Zombie ones were awful (even though I still had MM nightmares after).

There was this one time that a bunch of my friends and I went to a haunted house, and it had a maze in the yard that you had to go through to get to it. I got separated from my friends. In a nightmarish fashion, I hit a dead end, alone, so I turned around to find another way, and there he was. I was face to face with Michael Meyers, alone and lost. I screamed bloody freaking murder, and ran frantically away. I ended up peeing my pants and nearly knocking myself out on one of the support beams of the maze. I would not survive in a horror movie situation, clearly. I think the fact that I know that makes Halloween that much scarier.

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The original first one was good. Everyone knows that. Didn’t really bothered to watch the rest of the series, but the third one was underrated imho. Just because it didn’t featured Michael Myers, it doesn’t mean shit.
Rob Zombie’s remake was awful. Self explanatory

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Gore for the sake of gore. Ugh! No thanks.

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@HungryGuy If you notice though, the first film has absolutely no gore whatsoever. I think it was meant as a suspense flick rather than horror.

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Really? Okay, then, maybe I’ll rent one and see. I love horror movies, and blood doesn’t bother me either, but “horror” movies that are nothing but blood and guts just for the shock factor just bore me…

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@HungryGuy Just the original first. All the others can get pretty gory. Thing is, the point of the first movie was to instill fear in the viewer, not gross em out. It works, although is a little dated these days, so if you’re used to modern horror, it might fail to impress.
However, it most certainly is an interesting look at one of the most supportive chunks of history when it comes to the horror movie.

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@Symbeline – Yes, that’s what a horror movie should do: instill fear and terror in the viewer and give them nightmares for years to come, not simply gross them out with blood and gore…I can do that myself with, uhm, er, submissive women who play with me :-p

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This thread just reminded me of another ‘no-gore/scary as shit’ favorite of mine… anyone else remember When a Stranger Calls?
“Have you checked the children?”

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I really enjoyed the first 2 movies..and was dumb-founded by the 3rd.
I was really impressed by the Rob Zombie remakes. I really like the “back story” of Michael’s childhood.

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Yeah, the third movie has a bit of a history. That was what Carpenter wanted to do at the time of Halloween II…but since he signed a contract for a certain number of years, he basically had to make a sequel to Halloween, which he never WANTED to do…mind you, before Halloween came out, it was perceived as a failure, so the contract was a joke, or legality for name’s sake. (Originally called ’‘The Babysitter Murders’’.) but since it actually did so good, of course there had to be a sequel. (Which is my fave lol.)

And yeah, Zombie’s remake was cool. Personally, I don’t think they told anything that they didn’t in the original, (Which was fuckall, and we were promised elaboration.) but I do love the turn on the ’‘fucked up family’’ business. Makes it creepier than some half ass attempt at a Harvester god or wtv lol. XD

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@Symbeline I agree…no new ground was broken, but the visualization kinda brought how fucked up of a life that he had…and also how he started out slow…mutilating animals and shit.
He just didn’t wake up one day and decide to murder his whole family.
Halloween II is also my favorite of the series.

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