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At a restaurant, if you can have a waiter serve a bottle of wine you brought, can you do the same with a six pack of beer?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11447points) February 13th, 2010

Is that too low-brow, or is it “just about right-brow”?

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Or how about a nice bottle of whiskey? I’d eat there everyday.

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Who cares if it is too low brow? If you ask politely and they throw you out on your ass, that says more about their hospitality and civility than yours.

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Usually, you can. If you are iffy on it, call ahead. In Chicago, it’s super popular to BYO6-pack.

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That sounds like “How ‘bout now brow”.mmmm beeeeeeer :)

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Depends. Glass or aluminum?

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Sure, if it’s BYOB you can have them serve whatever bottle you want.

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Good question! I’m going to try bringing a 6 pack of pbr and I’ll report back.

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“You might be a redneck if….........

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@Captain_Fantasy Not a Dinkelbocker, Redsnoutten, Halfbaked Belgian Weissbeer?

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I don’t see why not.
Canned beer in this situation would be funny because the juxtaposition of bringing in cheap beer to a fine dining atmosphere could create an awkward moment for the wait staff.

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Um, well, @Captain_Fantasy, you take your Halfbaked and drink it at home then! ;-)

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I’ve never tried it but anything titled “Halfbaked” is a little of a putoff.

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@Captain_Fantasy Google it. It’s won the “fishiest beer of the year” award. Just imagine opening it in a fancy pantsy restaurant and having that odor waft throughout the room! You’d probably have the place to yourself in five minutes!

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Not where I’m from. I’m not sure if this would count for beer, but it counts for other alcohol than wine…but, a server cannot keep track of how much the patron is drinking if they are not serving it to them..and usually you can see how much wine is being drunk at a table. If the liquor control came in, the restaurant would get major fines (if beer is not allowed, I’ll ask my husband when he gets home..but I’m from PA)

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Depends on the restaurant. But a place with any class will not make a fuss about it. Just remember to tip the waiter.

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@bea2345 Doesn’t have to do with class, it has to deal with legalities.
If it’s not allowed, then the staff should say something. My husband just had to do this the other day..the guy brought in a liquor though…and insisted he be allowed to drink it. But, if liquor control came in, they could lose their liquor license and get thousands of dollars in fines. Not worth it for a selfish customer.

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So that is why you can’t take a bottle with you. Some places have a notice saying that food and drink may not be brought into the restaurant. It never occurred to me that this was a legal requirement, and not just a businessman protecting his investment.

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I’ve definitely brought six packs to nice BYOBs. I think I have some class. It’s usually not Bud Ice but even that your be okay too. I think try to bring bottles at least. If there’s a wine only policy then try bringing a box of wine.

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I’ll take a great wheat beer over wine any day and bring the opener and a few extras to share!!

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I suppose you could, but they would probably charge six times the regular ‘corking’ fee if they had to open six bottles.

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I wouldn’t call it a “fine-dining atmosphere” if they let you bring your own alcohol, wine or not.

If the restaurant is “cheap” enough to have to allow people to bring their own wine (they either don’t have a full license, have a terrible wine list or need to appeal to skint people), I can’t see them refusing to allow beer…

Maybe it’s different where you live though, do many places allow you to bring your own?
In the UK, it is really only curry houses and little cheap restaurants that allow it, and even then it is quite rare, and definitely viewed as being “cheap”, whether you bring beer or wine. Wine more so, in fact, it being generally cheaper.

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