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What is the range of Bluetooth in a moving vehicle?

Asked by Hershey (8points) February 13th, 2010

Since it is extremely hard to get wifi while on a bus, especially on a highway, I was looking at some iPod Touch apps that use Bluetooth for chatting. I would like to be able to talk to people with the same app who are not close enough for me to talk to directly. Does anyone know the range of Bluetooth if I were to use it in this manner in a moving bus?

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If both of you are on the same bus, then your distance with one another will remain constant. Bluetooth connectivity usually drops beyond 30 feet.

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Are you going to throw the phone out while your driving, or what?

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@cheebdragon As I said in the details, “while on a bus”, I will not be driving. And what I am talking about is an iPod Touch, not a cell phone.

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The range of Bluetooth is not affected whether you’re in a moving vehicle or not. Most consumer-grade Bluetooth devices, including your iPod touch, have an operable range of about 30ft (10m).

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