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What can I expect after getting my first smartphone?

Asked by Plucky (10286points) April 3rd, 2012

I’m finally getting a smartphone this week (family/friends have been hounding me to do so for ages). I was wondering what you think I should expect once I turn this new fandangled gadget on.

This is meant to be a fun easygoing question. So, tell me what life changes are going to be bestowed upon me :)

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No longer will you have to say, “I’ll have to look that up when I get home”. You’ll have the ability to do instant research for discussions you are having. You’ll also be able to read reviews for restaurants before you enter. You’ll never find yourself just buying something in a store without first scanning it in order to see how the price compares, and reading reviews. You’ll never be bored because you’ll always have your books with you.

Seriously though – you may experience a period of adjustment while you find a balance. Whipping out the smartphone can be considered quite rude in many situations.
Good luck, and have fun.

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Expect to feel even stupider than ever for a long time.

Not that you should feel stupid now! (I’m glad I got to add that bit.) I’m just sayin’, is all.

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What @tom_g said – and a larger monthly bill. :^)

I love my iPhone, but I regularly haggle with AT&T for ways to lower my bill.

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You will fall in love with an object for the first time in your life and need it nearby constantly.

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Cheap reading glasses will suddenly become your friends.

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Let’s see. Expect to no longer need a backpack when you go out because you no longer need a GPS machine, a phone, a camera, a video camera, a tape recorder, a tuner, a computer, an internet browwer, a calendar, a game machine, a book reader, a video screen, a video phone, a radio, a music player, a place to store all your books, music and pictures, maps, and on and on and on and on.

Expect to take a while to learn how to make it do all these things. Just remember, Apps can be your friend. Get lots of memory.

A smart phone is an incredible piece of technology!

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Expect a disease called “app fever” to strike.

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@LuckyGuy LMAO, That’s what happened to me. Awesome answer.
@Plucky Your fingers will mysteriously dial random people on your list when you don’t want it too.
And there will be times when you want to call someone and the heat from your fingers isn’t registering. So you’ll question if your dead.
You will find a bunch of of random crap pictures that you took because you could and wonder if you are suffering from a stroke. Obviously you don’t need to take pictures of everything.

Good things. You can go shopping and send pictures back to someone if you are buying something for them and you’re not sure it is exactly what they wanted.
You can listen to music from it, so its like carrying a mini radio.
You can sometimes use the light from the screen like a flashlight.
You can make calls anywhere if you need too.

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Maybe it’s just me, but you get over it pretty quickly.

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I’m luke warm about my smartphone. I only got one about a year ago. I don’t use it a ton, so I am not sure I am happy about paying the extra monthly fee. I do admit in the last few months I have become more accustomed to it, maybe I am just slow? It is convenient to be able to look things up on the web at whim, but the little screen I find tiresome, so I never spend much time on the web on my phone. I do facebook a little on my phone and play Words with friends, but I still am not one of those people obsessed with my phone. Some technology I finally buy and I think instantly how life changing and wonderful it is, the smartphone did not do that for me.

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Expect addiction.

Either you will be addicted to Angry Birds, Words, or Plants vs. Zombies or you will have an app or two that you just can’t help but to keep checking in on.

Next, you will show other people some crazy app you just found that you can’t believe exists…they may or may not be enthusiastic.

Finally, you will never pay full retail again. Yep, there’s an app for that. Just scan a UPC and find the cheapest price online.

Have fun @Plucky!

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Expect to never be able to go back to a regular phone. I dunno about apps, addiction, whatever, but the convenience of having my email, docs, music, etc. all in my pocket would be really hard to go back on.

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Tee hee, this whole thing made me giggle. Thank you for the replies thus far! I’m so excited :)

I’m waiting for it in the mail ..took a long time to figure out which phone and plan to get (and my partner haggling with the lady on the phone). It’s so expensive in Canada.

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Two words: angry birds.

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Ok, so I got my phone. I’ve been glued to it for the last 6 hours. It took a while to get activated (some issues with the phone number). All I can say is that I’m not as confused as I was when I first started fiddling with it ..but I’m still confused, lol.

I can’t believe how much junk there is in that little thing! There really is an app for practically anything. I’ve tried a bunch of free ones. I have no idea what happens when you pick a paid one; does it go to your phone bill or some other thing you have to sign up for? I did the scan thingy ..that was pretty neat. My partner and I laughed for awhile with the Talking Tom Cat one. And, omg, I can watch movies and tv on that thing! I most likely won’t ..but still!

So, yeah ..still playing around with it. I’m really slow at texting ..goodness, I hope that gets better. The phone I got, in case anyone is interested, is the Samsung Galaxy S2. Pretty funky.

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