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What is bounce rate for google analytics?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) February 13th, 2010

What is a bounce rate, mine is 66%, that sounds bad….what does that mean?

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I answered my own question, it’s the number of people who visit only 1 page of your site and then leave. I would expect mine to be very high as most of the sites content is on the main page and that is the focus. Thanks anyways though everyone lol If someone wants to delete this question, feel free – or leave it for reference.

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From what I understand, questions are usually left up for reference. If anyone comes along wondering the same thing, they can look it up.

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Bounce rate is when visitors come to your site and leave right away. You can improve your bounce rate by customizing your content for your specific audience. That way the people who do come to your are the ones who want your content. A general rule is to optimize any page with more than 50% bounce rate.

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Bounce rate is basically people who are visiting only one page of your site and get off without visiting any other page. Normally 50–55% bounce rate is safe for any site.

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