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Are you experiencing the Valentine love?

Asked by babaji (1440points) February 14th, 2010

Did you give your Sweetie a Valentines gift? Or did you receive a special Valentine from your Sweetie? What was the Valentine?

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I love my sweetie more than I can say.

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Confounded hearts and mushy stuff.

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Yes. Very much so.

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I am without a sweetie, but I did get a breakfast burrito and a bag of swedish fish from a friend.

All is well.

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I ain’t got no woman :( . Well I do got her


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I’m married. Not getting something for my wife would be like firing a nuke at North Korea. It’s just not wise.

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Today is like any other day. I don’t need a Valentine to know that my husband loves me.

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The nice lady in Starbucks wished me a happy Valetine’s Day. I’d forgotten till she said something.

<3 Starbucks ladies.

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My wife has 44 years of Valentine cards saved, that i have given her. she is a Valentine card “pack rat”. its fun to bring out the old cards and read the words we have said to each other for so many years. wife marks the date on each card. this year, we again gave each other a Valentine card and a box of candy. she knows and i know that each of us will be sharing each others candy, later. so, we buy the candy we like and it works out okay.

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Last night we had dinner together then went to see Valentine’s Day. I have to work all day, but before I left I gave him some candles he has been wanting and we had a wonderful morning together.

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I got a bouquet of my favorites: stargazer lilies and a really touching card that said “You’ll always be my happy ending.”

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Too bad we are in different cities right now….

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My girlfriend gets flowers, candy, and a nice dinner. After that, my “Sweetie” gets $50 bucks for services rendered. Just don’t tell my girlfriend.

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V-day is on the same day as the NBA allstars game, so my “present” for my hubby was not worrying about if he was going to get me something or take me out for Valentine’s day (he went outta town) It’s more of a commercial holiday anyways. I think I cared more about it when I was single (just so I could gripe about it….)

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My boyfriend and I postponed Valentine’s day until we can be together (he lives 250 miles away). I was going to see him but my car is stupid and there is an impending snowstorm.

Anyway, we were going to go to this amazing Moroccan restaurant for a 7 course meal and a belly dancer. He usually gets me a card, flowers, candy, a stuffed animal, and maybe something special. We’d most likely get a hotel room (with a jacuzzi, hell yeah) for the night and get some champagne and whatnot. But last year we were too full to, uh, “do” anything so we just watched documentaries on HBO.

I’m going to give myself some Vday love and make chocolate martinis, get take out, dessert, and watch some old movies.

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I’m feeling the great love that I always do. I don’t need to buy into this Hallmark holiday to show my wife I love her.

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We make it more of a family day. Small, inexpensive gifts for each other and the kids. Cards with nice things written in them. I made a nice breakfast this morning, and we went to my in-laws for lunch. My mother-in-law brought out the fine china and silver and cooked a fantastic meal. Instead of going out to dinner, my husband and I are making home-made pizza with the kids, followed by decadent raspberry brownies.

All of this has been punctuated by vicious Nerf gun wars.

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Nope !! I’m open to offers ;-)
ladies only though! :-/

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Hubbs made me a batch of brownies with a powder-sugar heart on them. I made him a funny card with my scrapbooking skills. We are both happy, munching away on brownies.

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If after 18yrs by some remarkable scenario I didn’t,then i’d be experiencing my very own St. Valentines Day massacre.Some like it hot but not in that way.

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It’s so over rated…another Hallmark excuse to buy more cards and flowers etc. I did the Valentines Day shuffle and it seems no matter what you do or how big of an effort it’s never enough. Sigh….

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I’m not….no pity party, just disappointment. My SO is not speaking to me because I was too tired for sex Friday night.

Why does someone become
angry, when you refuse them sex? Especially, when this was the first time I ever did? Hmmm, GQ!

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I agree with @jonsblond and @tinyfaery and so my boyfriend and I don’t “celebrate” Valentines day. We wish each other a happy Valentines day but it is tinged with humour and sarcasm rather than mushy romance! I know he loves me, he knows I love him and that’s all that matters. I’d much rather go out for a meal on a night that isn’t quite so busy.

@TLRobinson I think you have more important things to worry about than Valentines day if your SO is mad at you because you didn’t want sex. That is not cool.

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@Leanne1986- I unfortunately agree…

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Yep. Three-day weekend so I went up to Tahoe (third time this year) with my boyfriend and my family. I gave him my gift and he gave me mine. Tonight we’re going out to dinner and everything. I am excited. Especially considering that I never get to see him. :)

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I should try to find the Valentine’s Day poem I wrote in college. It was a sarcastic adaptation of “The Night Before Christmas.” Right now I only remember the first line: ”‘Twas the fourteenth of February and all through the world, not a female was happy, not one single girl.” If I can find it, I’ll post the rest. It may be good for a giggle or two.

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