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Do facebook applications go against their privacy policy?

Asked by lostinyoureyes (1118points) February 14th, 2010

There’s an application called “Who last clicked on my facebook page” or something like that. I don’t have it, but someone who did was able to find out I visited their page. How does that work? I thought fb did not allow for this to happen.

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Facebook doesn’t write all their own apps.
Just assume all your social networking info is available to anyone who wants it bad enough.

Because it is.

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A lot of facebook apps are made by third parties.

Facebook is a giant site. I’m sure they don’t have the time to be monitoring every little activity of every application.

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Yes, I saw that. It’s ‘who looked at your profile’.

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Someone has sent me that app to join, but you have to give up other people’s names to be able to join it and I’m not going to do that. For another thing, I don’t care at all who sees my FB page. I don’t say juicy things on facebook that I wouldn’t want others to see. If I do have something to say that I would consider private, I send a message to that person. All in all, if somebody is looking me up, it’s probably just someone that I knew in some other chapter of my life.

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Haha yeah it’s a new feature. I didn’t get it but…irony; conspiracy theorists exchanging their ideas on Facebook.

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