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How do you become a moderator and/or mgr.on this site?

Asked by tootmyfluther (1points) February 15th, 2010

how can you become a moderator and/or a manager on this site ?

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Be on the site for a decent amount of time, understand the guidelines, play nice, and maybe the founders will ask you.

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thank it considered an honor to be chosen ?

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and i’m not sure what exactly plat nice means .could you possibly elaborate ?

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i mean play nice typo

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@tootmyfluther I think it means do as your told and be nice to everyone, and think like everyone else.

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“Play nice” does not refer to some mind-sucking, independence eliminating, cloning of members. It means that you avoid starting unnecessary flame wars, name calling, and troll-like behavior. Differences of opinion are welcome and what makes a site like this a vital, interesting experience. Being able to discuss those differences of opinion in a polite, adult, and mutually respectful manner are what make this site exemplary.

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@tootmyfluther Yeah, exactly what syz said.

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Step one: Spend entirely too much time here. Step two: Be a good jelly (see the answer @syz gave). Step three: When asked to volunteer your time to be a mod, foolishly accept. Step four: When asked to become the manager, throw all caution to the wind and accept!

Your friendly (and foolish) Community Manager

PS: In all seriousness, I love my job. :)

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