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What does a face mean? As an omen?

Asked by mbubbles (166points) February 15th, 2010

I keep seeing faces everywhere. Like, people faces, but on a peice of paper and stuff like that. I can’t find out what that means. Any help?

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It means you are going to die pretty soon.

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Why does it have to mean anything at all?

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It means you are associating random patterns into pictures of faces. Once you start looking for them, it’s hard not to find them, but they mean nothing.

Try not to think about Zebras starting… now. See?

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@mbubbles: Like, people faces, but on a peice of paper and stuff like that. Could you explain that sentence, please?

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@jackm: mean, but funny.

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Do they talk to you???

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It’s probably your minds attempt to put a pattern onto chaos. I read, damnit @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities. ~ I give up. ;-)
I know what you mean, I see faces in random patterns on ceiling or floor tiles, wood grain, etc. I’ve seen them all my life.
I googled patterns onto random or chaos and got this link. I’m further intrigued because I have a video made years ago on the super computer at Cornell based on the Benoit fractals theory. I was under the impression that the theory had been debunked. I haven’t yet read through the site, it may be a bunch of crap.

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Man talk about a non pattern. Can one avoid seeing faces? Now if you were seeing three toed sloths or something I’d say it may be some synchronicity. I see cars everywhere!~

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It means that you initially coincidentally noticed something, and now the power of suggestion has you convinced that something untoward is happening. It’s not.

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Of course you can’t say that for certain.

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It shows the level of attractiveness,maturity,and fertility of someone.

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Humans are attracted to faces from a very early age. By three months an infant can recognize faces. It’s like with anything, in a large, crowded, noisy room people are more apt to hear their own name if someone says it. I assume its the same way with face. The face is an integral part of our identity, so if a shape or something could somehow suggest a face, you would be more apt to recognize it since we always see faces; our own, other people, etc.

once when I got stoned as a teenager, we were walking down a dirt path in the woods and I saw faces on the road everywhere. I don’t think it’s an uncommon thing.

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@SeventhSense Are you saying that you believe in omens?

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No not necessarily but just that you can’t rule out an organic origin. Not so much as an ill omen but there may be some significance that his subconscious mind is bringing to him. Maybe he has a tumor in his cheek and it’s directing him to look at his face. Maybe his subconscious is telling him to look at himself, self reflect, ask questions. Some inferences we manufacture and some have an order. I think most people at one time have been directed to an aspect of their body that they would not normally consider only to find an issue that may not be a cause of pain but needs attending to. The bodies inherent wisdom you might say.

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@TehRoflMobile yes we have conversations every morning. they mostly just stare at me though. i wonder why…...

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Lol, maybe work on your conversation skills.

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