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What feeling do you get when looking at this picture?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 16th, 2010

I just discovered this artist. I really like this.

(that’s how I feel on most days)

New discoveries (artists, artwork) that you’d like share?

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It feels awkward – like she’s dead and falling or that her body’s angles are at odds with the angles in the rest of the work. I love many artists but especially Alex Grey.

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I get a lost sense of dimension and perspective.

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Disconnected,like its there but not right…

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I find myself hoping the water is warm. There are a lot of really talented artists here at Fluther that I have enjoyed looking at their work.

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I get the feeling that I forgot my bathing suit.

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I am also wondering what that elephant is doing in the upper left hand corner.

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I love this .. collage, I think? Yes, it’s awkward, unsettling. Picture a person falling head-down in ambiguous space gracefully. A whole different message. Hallmark angels. This is a message about a bad, but not violent, dream or sensation. Nice.

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@erich1504: I don’t think that water looks either warm or cold. I think it’s neutral. That’s what’s so unsettling about it –
and the elephant obviously represents the Republican Party which has driven this poor woman to despair. Or maybe I’m projecting. lol

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I get the disconnected feeling as well. That is a nice piece.

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I feel vaguely annoyed. I like my pictures to be thoroughly coherent and rich in details.

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Firsr words in my head? YIKES! and then Ah….....Al…...Mo…….................................. Splash.
Don’t ask me how my brain works, but I am being honest with you here!!

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I think that great art takes you to another world that forever changes the way in which you view your own. That’s what I get from this work. It’s a bit like looking at a Tarot card or a dream. The images conjure up vague feelings. It’s cool. I haven’t seen anything that I liked this much in a long time.

More of his artwork.

Scroll down to the 4th row and check out the swarm of birds on the right. :)

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It stops you and draws you into studying it more. I can’t get quite what it is saying, but it draws me into it.

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I don’t like it a bit. The water / fluid gives an impression of being too shallow (edges indicate ‘shore’, and therefore lack of sufficient depth). Her body position, and especially her head and neck, are unprepared for a fall of any distance at all; if she’s falling from much higher than she appears in the painting then she’s looking at a broken neck and/or back here, not to mention how her face will feel without her hands in front to break the surface of the water / fluid for her. Of course she’s not dressed for immersion, and the rear wall… make it seem like this is some sort of enclosure.

I hate this very much, in fact.

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Free from reason, gravity and consequences.
The colors are muted, giving me a calm serene-ness that I’m enjoying.

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It’s pretty abstract but I like it. It can mean so many things to different people.

That said I prefer art that’s a little more straightforward, my favourites including nightmare infusing morbidity (Intended for children somehow.) and depictions of Victorian fashion.

I mean uh…Stephen Gamell and Ayami Kojima are two of my favourite artists ever.

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Doesn’t really elicit a “falling” feeling for me. The white cone feels like a repulsive force suspending the figure above the water, as if it’s a projection of her will not to fall.

In the spirit of sharing, I’ve been enjoying Andy Goldsworthy’s sculptures. He works in natural settings, manipulating materials that he finds there to create stunning but often extremely ephemeral pieces. Several examples here

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White cone doesn’t seem like a force to me, more like a path of light (or metaphorically,
consciousness, understanding, my projections here) expanding
downward. Not joyous, just .. there.

I too love Andy Goldsworthy. There’s a film, “Rivers and Tides”. Seen it? So great.

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I’m just wondering if she’s doing a backflip or frontflip into the water.

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Puzzled and disconnected. I wonder if the artist is the same one who made the sculpture of the victim falling from the towers. The feeling is somehow similar…

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@tragiclikebowie is crafting a response. :)

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@tragiclikebowie, it’s freaking me out a bit. I almost feel as though I know you (from your other posts and your interests). ;-)

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@susanc Yes, but the reflection in the water does not mirror what is behind the woman. This adds a greater sense of the disconnect. For me it’s like looking at a Gottleib, (spelling?) or even a Van Gogh. Very unsettling.
And yet, I can look at Dali’s work all day, or Escher, and never feel like that.

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@jmah hahaha, I was looking up stuff to share! :P

It looks cold, not just the water but everything about it. And the grey water looks like how the ocean here looks on a calm, cloudy, grey day. That’s what it reminds me of.

Is this, or this considered art? Those make me happy today. Probably because it’s cold and snowy.

The city I go to school in (Lowell, MA) is actually a booming artist community and I’ve seen quite a bit of art I like scattered across old mill buildings that have been converted into art studios. But I can’t find any I like online; bummer.

I guess I’m more of a photography person, anyway: 1, 2.

I stumbled across this googling stuff and I thought it was pretty neat. It’s about Lowell and has a bunch of photos of the canals. Lowell was called America’s Venice because of all the canals at one time.

Also while googling, I remembered there was a photo gallery I really liked in Rockport, MA: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. These are some awesome vintage photos from the same gallery. Hell, just look at all the photos on the site, some of them are really amazing.

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My first impression was dropping the sun glasses off my face over the side of the boat.It makes me mad. ;)

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@tragiclikebowie be still my heart. Haha! ;-)

I like. Thanks for sharing.

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Haha felt slightly inspired.. Quality…

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@jmah haha, that picture is of the Lowell mills in like 1972 or something. It still looks like that too, minus the sweet rides.

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I am a really lousy swimmer, so I feel dread…

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It’s like vertigo. It seems to be statement of the world today. It’s hard to say which end is up but invariably something is about to occur. In this case a splash into the water. A re-merging with the source.

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I have a feeling there is going to be a big splash after that dive has been completed. Her form is bad.

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Worse than a belly flop!

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irritated because of the suspense…. but mildly enjoyable which I think is the calmness of the colours

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I feel worried about this woman falling helplessly, totally unprepared to hit the water at great speed. This woman seems beyond help at this point and that troubles me.

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Imminent doom, falling from airplanes should only happen with parachutes. Water at high speeds is as solid as concrete – ouch.

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But one can’t tell from what height she fell. It could be 10–20 feet.

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Free, I feel free. She is looking straight at the water and I see her as intent on turning herself around and landing feet first. In the meantime she is enjoying the ride.

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Wow, that’s what I feel like when my days/nights come to the part where I’m supposed to sleep and recharge. I can have an absolutely lovely and joyous day but when it comes time to let myself fall asleep I get panicky and my mind goes a million miles an hour about the things I’ve not done or said or experienced. It’s like my brain is afraid I won’t wake up and I want every bit of being awake to count. I exhaust myself lately.

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I wish I could feel free..Have no worries on my mind and enjoy myself finally…She seems so free..and falling into the cool ocean will satisfy her…

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Print it off in black and white. It’s a lttle easier on the eyes. I don’t get the doom or fear. She has a completely serene look on her face. I think she floated up, and her arm position is all wrong if she’s falling or scared.

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it gives me the same very feeling I got when I was on the Interstate and saw the sign that read:

Ramp 404. Exit not found.

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