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Which fictional detective from books or tv would you want on the case?

Asked by ucme (49388points) February 16th, 2010

Basically what i’m asking is who were/are your favourites?

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Dr. House – I’m serious. Okay, fine..Dr. House with Sherlock Holmes. (now I’m all hot and bothered)...oh! and the guy (played by yummy Vincent D’Onofrio) from Law & Order: Criminal Intent…

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I think Columbo. He was so persistant.

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That’s elementary: Sherlock Holmes.

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Stabler from SVU. Oh yes, Stabler from SVU.

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Nancy Drew. . . I read the series as a teen and found it fascinating. . .

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir House & Holmes.Sounds like a good idea for a show on home improvements.

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@Likeradar Are you thinking purely of the detecting here? Or I’d have said Magnum, mmm, mmm, mm.

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Inspector Jacques Clouseau

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@erichw1504 He was an ingenious officer of the lerr.

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@ucme indeed and a great porno for me

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Not specifically a detective, but nobody solves the case like he does – Jack Bauer.

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@ucme And he likes “Amburgers”!

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@Simone De Beauvoir Yes The Case of the Orgasmic Spinster.One of his more daring escapades.

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@faye yeah… um, the detectiving. :) I like him for his mind. (there’s all sorts of private dic jokes here…)

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Hercule Poirot!

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How could I have forgotten my Mark Harmon? Plus he’ll give me booze in his basement if I play my cards right.

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The Famous Five with lashings of cream

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Agent Gibbs-NCIS.

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@Adagio Not forgetting the ginger beer.What ho.

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Detective Conan from Case Closed

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Angel from Angel. Yumm.

@Dr_Dredd GA!

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Sonny Crockett.

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Horatio from CSI Miami.


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Deputy Dawg…and NO ONE ELSE!

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He shows up, breaks someones neck, cries in the rain, shit gets done.

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@syzygy2600 That’s the most epic thing anyone’s ever said on this site.

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Jessica Fletcher for a murder case

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I amend my decision: Sonny Crockett AND Jessica Fletcher.

And Sean and Gus from Psych

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House, holmes, Mike Hammer, Mr. Moto, Sam Spade, and that guy in Lie to Me.

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Emma Peel. I used to hope she was all over my case.

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For a criminal case, Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe (not without Archie Goodwin), and Jessica Fletcher.

For a medical case, I’d have House directing the investigation, but I want Ben Casey to operate and Dr. Kildare just to stand across the room where I can see him.

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I’d probably go with Baretta. When he’s not offing his current wife.

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Thomas Lynley

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If I had to pick just one, it would definitely be Detective Robert Goren from Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

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@filmfann House,Holmes,Hammer & Spade.This home improvement theme seems to have moved on a notch.We’re in the garden now.Genius.

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Follow the clues. That must be where the body is buried.

And beware of the Wolfe.

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@lucillelucillelucille “It’s possible”

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