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I always take a copy of my resume in when applying for a job. When I get to the section regarding my previous work history and education is it OK to refer them to my resume instead of tediously writing it all out by hand?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) February 16th, 2010

I mean, gosh. My resume is much more concise and detailed than what I can cram into a small box on an app. And to be honest…I apply for several jobs a month and it gets sooooo old.

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Yes, that is a perfectly acceptable response.

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I’m afraid people might get the impression that’s I’m….lazy! You know, I guess I could always check with them first…..

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Yep, that’s what I’ve always done.

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Thank you guys. It’ll be such a relief!

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Yes if you are filling out an application.

No, if you are doing an on-line application. The reason is this: many employers use on-line services to accept and review resumes and applications. A software program will not look at your resume, it is simply looking at the fields you are completing on the on-line form.

Good luck

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@srmorgan Thank you. I’ll certainly keep that in mind.

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I have asked interviewers if it is ok if I just give them a copy of my work history rather than fill in their form.

I have never had one say no.

Good luck with your job hunting. It is so difficult these days.

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@Arisztid Oh man. Tell me about it….I’m in a small town, very, very few jobs open, but one would hope that would also mean a dearth of qualified applicants…but apparently not. I had one interviewer tell me he was amazed at the number of highly qualified applicants who had applied for that particular job, given the small population of the town (12,000)

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I get sooooo pissed by people who would rather read a tightly-scrawled app than a well-formated, clear resume.

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@tentaclepuppy Well, don’t jump to conclusions. I’ve never asked a potential employer whether it was OK or not. From what I’ve heard, there’s no problem with it. I imagine most applicants don’t come armed with a resume.

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@Val123 not jumping. It’s happened to me, personally, in the past, that some asshat prefers it on the “company form”. That’s usually a sign that a) I won’t get the job, and b) I don’t want the job any more.

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@tentaclepuppy Well…I’ll check to be sure from now on. If someone insists that I write it down too, I’d be inclined to agree with you…...

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