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Can anything be a question as long as you put a question mark at the end?

Asked by gemiwing (14708points) February 16th, 2010

Lately, here on Fluther and other internet sites, I’ve seen an abundance of questions that, to me, don’t really seem like questions.

They read more like command statements yet have a question mark stuck on at the end like it’s as confused to be there as I am to see it.

The examples I’m talking about are ones where there is no previous conversation and the sentences are not in response to anyone’s question or input.

Answer my question?
See inside for details?
Please Advise?

Am I wrong in thinking that these aren’t questions? Is there a grammar rule I am not aware of?

Answer my question after reading these details?

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The question mark is added by fluther automatically.

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Flag the ones that are statements-with-?s as “Not a question”.

That, or get all biblical:

And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire. (Matthew 18:9)

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A question mark does not make a question but I’m not going to take people to task online on their grammar. The internet is a stream of consciousness. Even if someone’s grammar isn’t accurate, we know what they’re talking about. Most of the time at least.

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Poop? ...Best question ever.

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I don’t think they are questions and they annoy the shit out of me. I don’t understand why they don’t get modded.

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I’m not just talking about here on Fluther. I’ve seen this on message boards, professional blogs, comments- pretty much everywhere on the internet.

It’s starting to make me twitchy.

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I think the internet has caused a dramatic decrease in grammar skills.

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The failed awareness of grammar rules isn’t yours.

Perhaps that’s what comes? of hearing so many people? talk like this?

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“I can has cheezburger” talk drives me bat shit nutty.
Nails on the chalkboard x10.

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i would say that for the most part, yes, anything can be turned into a question.
the question mark shows that in writing and in speaking it’s the inflection that determines whether it’s a statement or a question.
so by putting the question mark at the end of some phrase: “I like cheese.” a statement of fact becomes “I like cheese?” something requiring confirmation, thus a question.

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No, you can’t just slap a question mark on anything! That’s why we have question words like what, why, how, etc. Although I understand the writer’s meaning and this isn’t a school or work forum, it’s irritating.

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A lot of people seem to think so?

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Now that’s just plain silly?

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The folks over at Answerbag think so.

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