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Stock market question, what are some stock trends that you think are coming?

Asked by Steve_A (5125points) February 16th, 2010

This is a reference to my question

I think health awareness in the past years has taken a big increase in America , and these diet plans and the like have become like trends them self, do you have any companies or products you believe might get “hot” then “cold”?

Are there any particular companies that are “cold” or at a dip and think will come back up?

Also how do I buy stocks from these online social places like myspace,facebook,twitter etc…?

What other suggestions do you have? Please refer to a company if you can.

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Hipster Puppies. Whole tragedies of them.

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Look at everything Lady Gaga does, and do the opposite.
That’s going to be the new fad in short order.

I think anti-fad will be the new fad.

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@tentaclepuppy Is that suppose to be a clothing line for dogs or just pictures of dogs?

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Pictures of dogs that hipsters have draped in hipster clothing.

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I really hope the newest, latest trend is to be genuinely different and authentic.

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@Captain_Fantasy What is the opposite I should do then?

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Green economy.
And apple, of course. Title may seem a bit overrated, but with Jobs & co. you never know.

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@qashqai I have looked in green technology and the such, thanks though. Apple seems like a good idea, thought the more they become rooted in I question how much of a “trend stock” they are.

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We’ve got our money on elderly housing/care providers, energy providers, mining, finance, manufacturing, and several of the Forbes 500. Diversified is best. Look over some of the Mutual Funds, and see which of their choices are the most interesting.

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I’d say mutual funds are poison right now Yarn. They are all taking a dive since we’re not anywhere near the bottom. If you want to be in a fund rather than individual stocks, at least buy Exchange Traded Funds. You can put a stop in them because they trade just like ordinary funds even though they’re a basket of stocks. Also, I don’t buy the whole diversification thing in a strongly down trending market. If you know a sector or bonds or whatever is trending down, why go down with it? Let it go down and buy then, though you’re pretty safe if you’re more than 10 years away from retirement. I agree with you that elderly housing/care providers, energy providers, and mining are the places to be if you have to be somewhere.

Green sounds great. But its not doing great though there have been some wind energy stocks that have done well. An inconvenient truth I think is that it will be about 15 more years until we’re free of our dependency on oil. So, at some point, oil and the piplines and services that support oil are a good bet. I do think that ultimately, like it or not, we’ll be forced to turn to nuclear energy.

Apple has been a fad too long to be a fad. Go collect yurself some.

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