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How does man destroy plants?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 17th, 2010

I mean you have heard of man cutting down trees (and yes they are plants too) but how do we destroy little plants such as flowers, grass, etc.?

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Uhhhhhh, what?!?

Are you asking for a list? Are you asking about the morality of killing plants? Are you casting judgment on others? What are you asking?

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In that context, it’s by changing the plants habitat. Changing forest, for example, into farm land.

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Build yet another fucking golf course.

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By stepping on them?

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How about by mowing your lawn? Or hand pulling them, or digging them up, or using herbicides, or….

I’m really hoping this isn’t a homework question.

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Crappy movies, fast food, too much base and Hillary Clinton.

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Goats have contributed to an amazing extent to the expansion of the Sahara Desert

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Round them up, corral them, drive them into the slaughterhouse, stun them, slit their stalks, skin them, process, package, and ship.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities But mowing doesn’t kill the grass, merely maims it.

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@syz Touche. But it does prevent them from going to seed, thus killing plants who haven’t even sprouted yet. ~

Still wondering what’s going on in this Q.

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Fire would work but I like plants and wouldn’t want to destroy them capriciously.

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I didn’t mean to. I just forgot to water it.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I suppose if you are a member of the catholic church, that could technically count as the “murder” of the yet unfertilized and unborn.

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by chewing them up and pooping them out.

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Man does not destroy plants.

Plants need to stop smoking and eating fatty foods.

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I think this genetic modification of plants is pretty messed up. They now make the seeds so the seeds of the plant won’t reproduce. Now not only do we have pharmaceuticals showing up in our drinking water we can now also welcome genetically modified genes into our bodies! Sorry Mother Nature you are now Modified Mother Nature!

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I apologize before I eat any salad,

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By harvesting, rolling and smoking.

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Laser beams and robots. They are plotting against us.

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@judochop Haha….finally some one who understands. :)

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He eats them.

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Mostly by taking away their habitat. Also by pollution, global warming and the introduction of invasive species.

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Roundup usually works pretty well

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For me, trying to make plants live and grow usually results in their death.

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This reminds me that I have to water my poor, emaciated plants. :(

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