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Do humans create enviornments?

Asked by Steve_A (5125points) March 13th, 2010 from iPhone

Or do we simply use what is around us to maniuplate it?

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I live in NYC. We definitely create environments.

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You spelt “environments” wrong.

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We can create artificial environment but by using the materials from nature itself. Artificial environment usually made in place where there’s no environment like that and because it can sustain certain creature with its existence.

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Create, destroy, modify, move and befoul. We do it all. How long have you been a human, anyway, that you didn’t already know this?

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Oh deng woops I need to get some sleep haha

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We can absolutely create environments (it’s a large part of my job), albeit they are usually a response to an existing environment that we have altered or destroyed. One can even argue that an urban area is a man-made environment, even though it is largely lacking in more natural surroundings.

We can also create conditions that favor some plant and animal species over others, or create entirely new ecological niches.

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If they don’t do environments create us? Or do we create each other.

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Creating environment is human. “Environment” is a description of your surroundings.
It is not necessarily “what we make” but what it is.

We are back to, I think, therefore I am.

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OMG! astrochuck has taken over jeff!

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