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What are some characteristics of Summer time?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 17th, 2010

I have never heard anyone call Summer anything except hot/warm as a characteristic. What are some of Summer’s other characteristics.

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Swim. Warm late summer evenings. Freedom. Fun. Camping. 4th of July.

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Another day. Or I use to say that, here in Florida.

Lately it has been crappy.

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Long, lazy, hazy, chill.

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A tilted axis towards the sun.

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The smell of fresh cut grass and outdoor grills.

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Farmers markets and good veggies.

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Shorts, sandals, sweat, glorious gardens, daylight until 9:00 PM, a cherry tomato off my vine with a bit of basil from same pot, Japanese Beetles, mosquitoes, birdsong at dawn and dusk, large mowing bills, brushhogging, haying. (One doesn’t capitalize “summer,” for the record.)

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Sunny, fresh, free, nice, tan.

This Winter seems to be lasting forver. I can’t wait until Summer!!!

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When i can walk to my mailbox, barefoot, and pick up my mail. i guess i am still just a country boy at heart. i love to walk barefoot in the grass.

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@erichw1504 Every year, about this time, you can feel yourself starting to stretch, and you realize that you’ve been feeling cramped and claustrophobic for the last four months! I actually appreciate the drastic changes in the seasons….

@john65pennington Ever walked barefoot in the snow, just to see what it feels like? :)

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Relaxed! It’s always a little quieter around the office during the summer.

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Bar-B-Ques and family picnics, long lazy bike rides, dancing in the rain, fishing and boat rides and snoozing in the hammock are all part of that casual relaxing element of summer.

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Trees in full leaf. Flowers blooming, birds singing.

Evening walks in the light.

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Women in skimpy clothes.

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@erichw1504 Thanks. I like winter, I’m a huge hockey fan, but boy do I miss the ladies and the veggies when it’s cold.

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Warm breezes, volleyball, BBQ’s, sandy beaches, napping outside, camping, fireworks…

oh how I miss thee

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“The livin’ is easy.”

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O JOE! Warm evening breezes against sun burned skin when you’re relaxing after an entire day of sand volleyball!

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“Roll out those Lazy, Hazy of Summer,
“These days of soda and pretzels and beer!”

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@ChazMaz I heard it said there were three seasons in Florida: Last summer, this summer and next summer.

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Sweat, sunburn , tan ,possible skin cancer with lack of proper protection, Vitamin D.

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Burn! (As a kid, rising to the challenge of making it clear across town…across black asphalt roads and parking lots…barefooted!)

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@erichw1504 The little critters do like to come out it seems, now I keep thinking about mosquitoes for some reason haha.

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Gosh….as a teenager, after dark, congregating with friends and neighbor kids around the streetlight. Playing tag in the dark. Just experiencing the dark.

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Cold, rainy and miserable (at least round here)

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@Lightlyseared Where are you from?? That’s crappy winter here.

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Why, do you sleep through the summer?

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@rangerr Rick and I got married at the lake in July. At the time we had a big boat with an outboard motor. On our wedding night we drifted out to the middle of the lake, shut off the lights and just looked at the stars…..

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“Summer, Summer, Summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.”

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Hot Time Summer In The City! Back of my neck get’ dirty and gritty! (Will forever remind me of entire summers spent at the pool!)

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Bikinis, babes, blondes, beer

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Ah, the four food groups.

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Getting an oscillating fan, but pushing down that pin so it stays stationary. Right on my face.
Drinking lots of cold drinks.
Waiting for it to be October.

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Flowers and veggies that I grow myself!! My roses will bloom.

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The ol’s swimmin’ hole, kids out of school, hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain.

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Barbeques,walks outside,swim,play,tan,sprinklers,cold lemonade.:)

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Sheet lightening. (Or was it “Heat” lightening? I was never sure, exactly!)
Stickers in your feet, forts, running, sweating. I remember coming inside, draping myself over the AC vents, reading a book and daydreaming about being inside of an ice cube. Reverse that in Winter.
Seeing how much water you could chug without taking a breath.
Pick up baseball games. Broken windows. :O

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