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What's the difference (fluther-wise) between "Not interested" and "Remove"?

Asked by CyanoticWasp (20063points) February 17th, 2010

On the “Questions for you” link, and with the long list of questions that I have yet to even examine, much less answer, what is the practical difference between hitting “Not Interested” or “Remove”? Right now I mostly just “ignore”, because I don’t want to stop the flow of questions coming my way—I do use that list sometimes—but I don’t want to have to read all of those, either.

Hair spray or gel on long hair? Really? Who in the world thought I’d have the least interest in that?

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I’m pretty sure that “Not interested” must be used for future questions in determining what you don’t want in your “Questions for You” (i.e. hair spray questions). I don’t know what the formula for putting questions in there is though. To be honest, I never use it.

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To me they’re both the same.There certainly are some strange questions that appear from time to time.Utterly unrelated, that I would’nt have the remotest interest in.They’re hardly the F.B.I when it comes to profiling.Still some hit the mark so it’s all good.

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I also thought that the “not interested” would help guide future questions and the “remove” wouldn’t have that result.

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Remove, removes the question from the list.

Not interested, will modify the “questions for you” so you will not get ones of that subject matter.

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Since the Q just got moved to the “Meta” category, I’m now forced to ask: “Aren’t all Qs ‘meta’ to some extent?”

Is this comment-Q now going to move it into the meta meta category?

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@CyanoticWasp No. This is a question about a fluther feature, which is what makes it meta.

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@buckyboy28 thank you. I guess my Q just above your answer still holds, though. Is a question about a question about a fluther feature too metaphysical? A Q 2 far?

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@CyanoticWasp I think it would become a “Double-Metative” which would become a positive. In that case, I would imagine it could be sent back to the main page.

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I’m so confused

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Remove just takes the question off the list. Not interested tells Fluther to give you less questions like it in the future.

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Click on them both and they will just come to your door and ask you questions at all hours of the night.

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Only questions regarding the workings of Fluther are considered Meta. It does not stand for metaphysical or any other mysterious meaning. Per wikipedia: “Meta elements are HTML or XHTML elements used to provide structured metadata about a Web page.”

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You’re looking too deep.
Meta just means self-referential.
You know, like, for example, on Fluther. Meta questions are questions on Fluther, about Fluther.

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