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Whats a good Star Wars book?

Asked by skar138 (154points) February 17th, 2010

I want to star reading some Star Wars books but there are so many. Any good ones about the clone wars? Whats a good series and why?

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i don’t recall the name, it was between episode 1 and 2, and it was pretty cool, with an organic ship etc.

edit: it was this one

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Splinter of the Minds Eye by Alan Dean Foster. The original Star Wars universe book.

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Anything by Timothy Zahn, like the Thrawn Trilogy, Allegiance, and Outbound Flight. And he did an excellent job novelizing Episode III.

@iwamoto You’re thinking of Rogue Planet.

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I’ve read extensively in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The single best series has to be the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zhan.

From Wikipedia:

“Star Wars fiction flourished during the time of the original series (1977–1983), but slowed to a trickle afterwords. In 1991, however, Timothy Zahn’s celebrated Thrawn trilogy debuted, sparking a new interest in the Star Wars universe.”

The Jedi Academy Trilogy by Kevin J. Anderson is great too.

I also thought The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Woverton was also a good read.

Here’s a list of all the expanded universe novels. It is quite huge.

@Nullo: You totally grabbed my suggestion, lol. I need to learn to type faster.

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I havent read it yet, but i heard Tales of the Bounty Hunters is great.

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There needs to be more Star Wars questions around here.
Dark Empire
The Courtship of Princess Leia
Shadows Of The Empire
Tales of the Bounty Hunters
I, Jedi
The New Rebellion
Dark Tide I: Onslaught
Vision of the Future
Rebel Dawn
Dark Force Rising
And of course The Star Wars Encyclopedia

Some of them are part of a series, but I like those the best out of whatever series they are in.
Nerd alert.

Then there’s all the books about Fett, but he’s my obsession, so of course I’m going to like them.

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There’s a great Star Wars series by Patricia C. Wrede – have you looked into these?

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