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Anyone know much about Boulder and Denver real estate?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) February 17th, 2010

We’re planning a trip in March to explore neighborhoods in and around Boulder and Denver, Colorado—to plan a possible move there next year. Can anyone please share insights on neighborhoods and towns in and around Boulder and Denver? Is there just one downtown/commercial area, or several? Better/worse neighborhoods? We have two kids ages 6 and 3 and my wife is a doctor and will likely be working at the medical campus in Aurora or Denver. I hope to be selling bagels from a cart somewhere—or something else that requires limited human interaction. Thanks!

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What kind of neighborhood do you like? Urban? Suburban? Is a lot of yard and a house with character important to you, or would you like a new neighborhood?

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Boulder is a beautiful town right in the foothills of the Rockies, and Denver is your typical, large urban town (pretty ugly IMO). You’ll find the worse neighborhoods in Denver, although Boulder has some too. Boulder has more recreational opportunities, and I imagine your kids would enjoy it more. I would definitely vote for Boulder over Denver.

My real vote would be for Fort Collins, but that would put you further away from your wife’s’ job.

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My sister lives in Arvada North of Denver and is very picky about quality of living and loves it there. Boulder is a beautiful city and the foothills looked quite nice for suburban living. MY brother lived up in the canyons and it was heaven up there. The west suburbs of Denver looked very cookie cutter but family oriented. Good luck

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities The drive from FC to the med centers would blow.

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@Likeradar For sure, it would be a nightmare. Boulder is a much better option in that respect.

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Stapleton is a very family friendly neighborhood in Denver. It’s about 20 minutes to everywhere (except Boulder or the mountains). It’s worth looking into if you like newer neighborhoods and don’t mind small yards.

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Good call @Likeradar. I’d have to second Stapleton over Denver or Boulder.

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Great input! Thank you all so much. @likeradar, I think we’ll be flexible. We currently live in a large old house with a lot of character—and leaks and repairs. So something newer might be cool. Lots of space to garden and play would be great, but we really like our current situation, which is a nice neighborhoodly street. We’re interested in CO for the sunshine and natural beauty.

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@pallen123 CO is sunshiney and beautiful, for sure. :) Good luck!

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I just moved to Boulder a little over a month ago. I absolutely love it here and I was just talking to my friend about what an amazing area this would be to raise kids in. It seems (though I don’t know statistics) that there is virtually no crime, everybody is friendly, and I have yet to see a bad area of town, and I think at this point I’ve been all over. It’s super easy to bike around, there are tons of adorable houses everywhere. It’s a personable little town and every morning that you wake up you get to look out the window and see beautiful mountains. Do it, come to Colorado :D

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My parents lived in Arvada for about 25 years, before they passed away. It was an exceptional place. Boulder is a long commute from Aurora, and the winters there are brutal. If she was working in Boulder, it is by far a better place to live than anywhere in metropolitan Denver.

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Where are you moving from? We moved from Southern California five year ago (got out just in time!) to get away from poor schools, long commutes and ridiculous (then) real estate prices. We landed in a phenomenal new development called The Village of Five Parks in northwest Arvada. Close to the mountains, 20 minutes from Denver or Boulder, and the finest elementary school in Jefferson County. Prices have fallen 6 to 10% from when these homes were built new, if you find a motivated seller (easier said than done)... but educated buyers are getting some amazing deals.

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@JeffGadd Dude, you just posted your phone number, full name, image, and email address on a forum anyone in the whole world could see.

edit: Oh, you’re in real estate.

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