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Anyone have advice for moving in Denver,CO?

Asked by gambitking (4201points) May 29th, 2012

I’m coming up on the end of my first year in Denver,CO (having moved up from TX). I am looking for a place to rent, not own, preferably not an apartment. But I need a 2BR and I’ll need to be locking it in by the first of September (giving me the whole summer to pick a place). Anyone in Denver have any advice on how to proceed? Any resources I could tap into that would help, etc.?

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what part of town?

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@elbanditoroso , I would prefer to live either close to my work (in the tech center, near Orchard and Arapahoe and I-25) ... or near my wife’s job, which is in Lowry (6th and Quebec)

Also I’d prefer to pay no more than 800/month

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Recommend visiting City Data Forum, the Denver Forum, and either browsing the threads or registering and asking your question there.

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try creigslist they should be able to help

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@gambitking you’re not going to find an apartment in the Tech center for cheaper than $1,000 a month. But on Quebec there are tons of places that would match your requirements. I currently live in Denver, off of Quebec, and work in the Tech center off Orchard and 1–25. It is about 15–20 minute commute, and close to the light rail. I would recommend that you check out this website, and see if it helps any.

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