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I am thinking of backing out of a music performance, what should I do?

Asked by Kokoro (1419points) February 18th, 2010

I haven’t been practicing and now the day is this Saturday. I am afraid if I go up there I will make a fool of myself and be nervous. How do I know if I should go for it or just do it next time?

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Break a leg?

You still have some time to practice, why not do that and hope for the best?

What didn’t you practice, anyway?

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Just do the best you can in a tough situation.It’s builds character and shows you have guts.People respect that .:)

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I fear I may forget the chords out of nervousness. I don’t have a music stand to bring the lyrics/chords on.

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What kind of performance is this?
And what would you be doing?

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@mrentropy I will be singing along with playing guitar.

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If you back out you could develop a reputation as being “flakey”- and you might have a hard time getting future gigs, especially backing out last minute. Probably best just to practice, practice, practice and do your best on Saturday. And just get a music stand if you need to…..or have a friend hold up a sign with the chords?

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I say push through. Courage is a funny thing, as much as you need it before it always comes after you have faced your fear. If you force yourself to go through with this you will be stronger afterwards and will gain the courage.

You won’t make a fool of yourself because people who actually matter understand that it takes a hefty-bag full of guts to get up there in front of everyone. I’d say that you’d gain a lot of respect before you we’re looked at as a fool ^.^

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Just do it.

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I’m with everybody else on this one.

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Fulfill your obligations and perform, then deal with the aftermath. If you failed to prepare, it’s you that should pay the price, not the organizers, your co-performers, the audience, etc.

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.. and afterwards, when you have a big goofy smile on your face and are feeling so proud of what you’ve just accomplished; I’m sure we would all love to know how well it went <3

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Start practicing now!

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Go, and suffer the consequences so you won’t procrastinate in a situation like this again.

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If you let your anxiety get the best of you now, it will be very difficult to deal with in the future.

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believe me. the band needs you.

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Are there other people you will be letting down besides the audience and yourself?

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Go for it, what’s the worst that can happen?If it goes well you win.If not so good,well the only way is up right? A win win situation if ever there was one.Good luck.

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Practice and play. Don’t become a Sarah Palin.

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Believe me, if you back out now it’s only going to make it harder for you. Get up on stage with the attitude that you’ve already done a fantastic job. Rehearse as much as you can from now on, in the performance space if possible, so that you are confident about what you have to do. Remembering the chords and lyrics will be easier if you find some sort of emotional connection to the material: what made you choose this song?

It’s too late to back out now. Before you perform, make sure you are warmed up physically as well as vocally. Do breathing and focus exercises: look some up on the internet or grab a drama student.

Oh yeah, and break a leg!

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If you signed a contract, you’re probably obligated to either perform or incur the costs of the venue for not performing. I’d take a closer look at what’s written.

If you didn’t sign anything, I’m with everyone else on this thread: Suck it up, practice, and go through with the performance. Trust me, you do NOT want that flakey reputation that @KhiaKarma mentioned. The arts community is pretty tight-knit (especially on a local level) and word will get around.

And ask the venue for a music stand. Chances are they have one lying around or can get hold of one for you.

Good luck.

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Hi stranger. If you’re playing a solo gig you might want to practice up a bit more. If it’s with a band the other instruments will help cover for you. Self doubt is a killer, Kokoro.

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Thanks all. It is a solo peformance at an Open Mic.. a “show up if you want to play or read poetry.”

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Do NOT back out.

Like others have said before, start practicing NOW, then do your best. It’s better to go through with it even if you make a mistake or two.

Everyone overlooks and even empathizes with you when you make one in performance.

If you back out, you’ll never forgive yourself. Or if you do, I’LL never forgive you!

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Just go the rewards will outweigh the negative thinking. I know how you feel, but when I go out on a limb, I normally do better.

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