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Does muscle 'jiggle'?

Asked by nikayamo (406points) February 18th, 2010

How can you tell the difference between muscle and fat? Does muscle jiggle just like fat?

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Yes,when shaken,not stirred ;)

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Muscle jiggles but forms back very quickly. Slap your calf and see.

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How can you tell? Flex the area. The jiggly part is the fat, the firm part is the muscle.

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Muscles move as you move- look at a slow-motion video of a runner and you will see that the muscles move.

Fat moves more freely, muscles move in a much smaller wave because of ligaments and tendons at work..

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Yes, undertoned muscle will jiggle similar to fat. Toned muscle will jiggle less.

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Toned muscle flutters ever so slightly, sort of like a buff guy’s pecs as he runs down
the beach….......................................

Anyhow, one way to tell is to engage the muscle group without actually flexing it and pinch the skin above. This is sort of how a caliper test works

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No, not just like fat. If it’s not flexed and is really loose (after a long massage, not toned, hasn’t been used in a long while or is weak as it is in some elderly people, medicated with a relaxer, adequately warmed up) then it will jiggle some. But it’s an obviously more dense substance. Also, muscle is attached to bone, unlike adipose which is attached to only skin. So if the skin moves, the fat will move, but not necessarily the muscle.

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