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Do you 'go there'?

Asked by needleinthehay (190points) March 4th, 2008

Do you often say what you mean, or do you prefer to settle things in more discreet ways? Why?

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The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, no?

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It is possible to be forthcoming and tactful at the same time, but it takes practice. Of course, there are so many variables regarding the right time and place for certain discussions…

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I tend to say what I mean. Life’s too short to beat around the bush and hope the other person figures out what you mean.

On the other hand, if it’s not worth the effort, I often don’t say anything at all.

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Would you say that people whom beat around the bush are ‘fake’ or any less honest than those that are more straight-forward or rash?

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There’s a difference: “beating around the bush” implies that you’re trying to get your message across but indirectly. Being “fake” on the other hand, implies that you’re saying something different from what you believe.

“Beating around the bush”, besides being a very odd saying, isn’t always bad – especially if your audience is touchy. “Fake” is just sad: you’re placating someone to the detriment of your personality.

I like to get right to it though I must be honest that when others are direct with me it can catch me off guard.

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I don’t think people who beat around the bush are fake or dishonest. I think they’re wasting my time.

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I think I’m pretty blunt about things if I do not like something its known. As for the whole beating around the bush, I hate that I really don’t understand why people have to go off write things or talk to other people about something about you. Why is everything so indirect these days.

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Sometimes I say what I mean. I prefer to find solutions and common ground, though. This is bad for me in relationships because it means I take the peaceful route rather than demand my way or cause a row.

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Beating around the bush is not fake. There was a time when society respected tactfulness. The purpose of being indirect is to be polite instead of brash.

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I’m pretty blunt and tend to be brutally honest. It can come off pretty harsh sometimes, but I say what I feel, think, or know. However, if I’m not sure about something (or if I’m wrong) I’m also the 1st one to say so. Can’t be right all the time. As for the “beating-around-the-bush vs being fake” debate. I do the former if its a very sensitive subject i.e “umm… how well do you REALLY know / trust your girlfriend?” The latter I hate. Fake people can almost always be spotted by anyone with a bullsh*t detector and they rarely say anything useful.

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