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Would you elect a pregnant middle-aged woman President?

Asked by Razor (24points) March 4th, 2008
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If she would lower my taxes, get us out of Iraq, would drastically cut spending, would seal our borders and punish employers who hire illegals, absolutely…

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I have no idea. Your question doesn’t give me any relevant information on which to base a decision.

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I have no idea. What are her relevant qualifications and political views?

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I say no. For the sake of that child.

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Nope. Ditto squirbel.

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no! Because women run on emotion and a pregnant woman? no way!

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Depending on how you define “middle-aged;” very few women over 42–45 get pregnant. To me M-A means 50–65. (I know that there are exceptions but they are not women interested in political office.)

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