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I've downloaded AVG for free, do I get rid of my free subscription from Norton on my computer?

Asked by judochop (16084points) February 18th, 2010

I recently bought a new laptop. It came with a free 30 days of Norton Virus Protection. I have downloaded AVG for free and I am wondering… Do I need to take off Norton or can I just leave it alone?

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Nuke Norton. First of all it sucks. And second it is kinda bad to run two anti virus programs at the same time. I would just use AVG.

And don’t use IE. Use Firefox or Chrome to browse.

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I am using Chrome. Thanks.

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@judochop what @johnpowell said, kick Norton into touch, when you have two anti-virus programs running they sometimes view each other as virus’ and it can cause all manner of strange things to happen.

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Norton is a virus.

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I agree that Norton isn’t great and it’s a proven fact that running multiple AV programs causes all sorts of issues.

However, I would recommend Avast! or Avira if you actually want protection from viruses. AVG doesn’t score too well on most tests I’ve seen, and even if it could stop 98% of the stuff out there, I would rather use something that stops >99%.

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Dump the Norton ASAP…

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Get rid of Norton. It is not a good idea to run more than one antivirus at once. The best way to remove it is using the Norton Removal Tool. This will do a complete removal, rather than leaving some files behind in case you re-install. I think Norton is a virus, and I always get rid of it at first sight on any new computer.

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I have two anti-virus protection programs on my pc. one is NORTON and one is AVG. they work well together and provide extreme virus protection. after discovering over 800 viruses on my pc, i was determined to fight the bad boys with the best out there. i am using the NORTON CORPORATE version and the best AVG available. i did not download AVG, i bought their best in a store. this combination has worked for me for two years. my firewalls now have firewalls.

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You should stay off the porn sites.

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Ok… AVG or Avast!?

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But how do you get Avast to quit yelling out loud when it updates its virus database?... talk about irritating!!

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@Grisson Viruses are more irritating.

@ChazMaz Between those two, I would go with Avast!

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I would. Nortons takes up space.

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@jerv AVG is less irritating

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@Grisson We could keep this up for a long time! My thoughts are that the performance hit, low detection rate, and inferior heuristics of AVG are more annoying than pop-ups. Besides, just because you pay no money, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cost anything. Those pop-up are the price to pay for good protection lust as viewing ads is a small price to pay for viewing “free” sites like Google. Personally, I feel it’s a pretty reasonable price considering the superior protection. You are free to disagree, but you aren’t changing my mind on this.

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