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Does working at a call centre for a long period of time harmful to your hearings?

Asked by airowDee (1791points) February 19th, 2010

I am just wondering since i am deaf on one ear, and call centre type jobs are the only one i can find, am i compromising my health? is there any ways to perserve my hearings while working full time with a job that require constantly talking to people or wearing a headphone?

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I don’t think it should be harmful to your hearing. When I worked as a tech support agent, it was in a call center. You wear a headphone/mic type earphone and the volume is adjustable, to what you find comfortable.

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i used to wear an earbud headphone and i developed a tumor that killed my hearing on the left side.. i dont know if its related..but i heard ear bud headphones ar ethe worst..

i do hope that it will be okay. for sure, i will turn down the volume.

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We didn’t have earbuds. The type of headphone was over the ear and quite comfortable.

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Your ears will be ok if you use your good ear. This does not mean that your sanity will not suffer. I worked collections for one cell phone company, and tech support for another. It was awful, and extremely stressful. I wish you better luck than I found.

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Keeping the volume at moderate levels is the key to preventing damage to your hearing in your good ear. The problem is that most headsets don’t block enough outside noise, so many people will turn the volume up too loud just to be able to hear over the ambient noises. In this case, not hearing out of your other ear may be to your advantage, as you are less likely to be distracted by sounds from around you – some people will hold the non-phone ear closed or wear an earplug on the side for that reason.

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