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What happens to milk that is outdated?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 21st, 2010

I asked my wife this question and she did not know the answer and neither do i. what happens to outdated milk, not sold off the shelves in grocery stores? is this milk taken back to the dairy and made into yogurt or cottage cheese? or, is it destroyed? information, please.

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Chucked into the trash.

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It becomes sour cream.

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it is turned into american “cheese”

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It is disposed of along with all the other expired food.
Some people think it gets donated to Taco Bell for their imitation sour cream but that claim has yet to be verified.

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Fertilizer? I know that expired pop is given to pigs

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Some grocery stores will send expired milk (and other expired items) to local farms, where they can be used as feed, especially for pigs.

Looks like @talljasperman beat me to it.

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It is turned into rancid Yak waste and used in German SauerKraut.

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In my house we drink it.

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It is thrown pastyoureyes into the bin.

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it goes off

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It becomes cottege cheese lol.

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There is not one serious answer among all your efforts. does anyone truthfully know what happens to expired milk?

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@john65pennington I was absolutely serious with my answer. Many grocery stores will donate spoiled food to farmers in the local area, including expired milk. The milk is used as a source of food for livestock, primarily pigs.

Here is an excerpt from one farmer to another about the used of expired milk to feed livestock:

“I would find an inexpensive source for cows milk. Something I have done in the past is get it from the supplier (XYZ Dairy) as they pull the expired milk off the grocery store shelves. In Wyo they have to give it away, it is no longer sellable because it is past the expiration date. Take this home and freeze it until you need it. As the goats get bigger and stronger I would gradually mix in some of the calf replacer – never feeding more than 50% replacer and do this until it is gone. Any milk that is spoiled can be fed to chickens or pigs.”

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They sell it to the Tenctonese.

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It ends up at Goodwill.

Eventually a homeless man wears it to a job interview.

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That depends on whether it is raw or pasteurised. A friend of mine who consumes raw milk says that it doesn’t last very long but it becomes “clabbered” due to the bacteria in it, which is a still-edible, yogurt-like form of milk. Pasteurising milk kills those bacteria so that when the milk ages, it just becomes toxic.

Since most, if not all states have outlawed raw milk, it just goes bad.

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