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Do you think steroid use in professional sports was a good thing?

Asked by davidbetterman (7545points) February 22nd, 2010

Or did it make sports a less enjoyable?

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I wish they were all natural.I think it takes away from the spirit of true competion.

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Of course it’s not a good thing. It has a very negative effect on the individuals using the drugs.

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@marinelife You mean the part where they die from brain cancer? I must agree with you there, that does seem a tad negative.

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@davidbetterman And it has a negative effect on their manhood, and it causes ”‘roid rage.”

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ROID RAGE You may have coined a new terminology for steroid abuse!

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I don’t care, honestly.
Sports are entertainment.
It’s not like roids give an unfair advantage, every one of them certainly has the means to obtain roids, with their multi-million dollar contracts, on top of sponsorships.

If the public wants to see taller athletes, more powerful home run hits, more extreme touchdowns, so be it.
If the athletes don’t want to obtain that via steroids, I’m not going to complain.

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Steroid use for performance enhancement in any sport is messed up and ruins any appreciation I might have had if the sport was clean.

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No, it never was and never will be a good thing. Steroid use for anyone, at any age for any sport, is a bad idea all the way around. If they do all the negative things that doctors purport that they do, why would you subject your body to that anyway? And most of all, if you don’t have the integrity and dedication to work out and be healthy like most other athletes do and you can’t perform to a certain level without going to artificial means to help you, maybe you shouldn’t be playing sports any more.

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