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How would Fox News spin the Galactic Empire's actions in Star Wars?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) February 22nd, 2010

-“If you don’t support the Emperor, you don’t support democracy.”

-“When you let droids marry, you’re saying it’s ok to let Twi’Leks marry Banthas. It’s the same thing.”

-“If you object to the Empire recruiting from your planet, you’re obviously a Rebel.”

-“Love our Galaxy or leave it!”

-“I tell ya what’s wrong with the galaxy: Illegal aliens!”

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“We need the death star to protect ourselves from the rebels, they hate us for our freedom!”.

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senator mon mothma is yet to produce a birth certificate.

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Clearly the Death Star’s destruction was a terrorist act.

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There’s a Jar Jar Binks/Sarah Palin joke in here somewhere.

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@Grisaille I think just by suggesting that was the joke already lol.

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The Rebel Alliance would be called anarchists.

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@Grisaille Lol! Ok I was slow on that one.

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Rule by law is the only safe way for people to live except if the law is a bad law then Darth is not my fathers’ brother-in-law!

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Of course everyone is all for the Empire’s takeover. It wouldn’t be patriotic if they didn’t.

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The Jedi! What makes them think they are so much better than everyone else?
They don’t love the Empire!

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“We had to destroy Alderaan, our intelligence showed that they were developing WMD’s!”

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This could be my very favorite question.

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BTW, years ago I wrote an email that pointed out how much Cheney looked like Palpatine, Edwards looked like Luke, W looked like Jar-Jar, and Kerry looked like Chewbacca.
Now, I realize Obama is Lando Calrizian.

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@filmfann Omg. I just fell off my bed laughing.

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“Use the Spin Luke”
“May the Spin be with you.”

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Those leftist Jedi elitists in their ivory tower are out of touch with real imperial citizens.

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Mamradpivo, damn right! If we left it up to them, we’d be paying the health care costs for ALL the Ugnauts.

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When in Rome do what Romans do

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@graynett You mean… When on Endor, party like an Ewok.

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I always like the uncomfortable plot summary for A New Hope: Religious extremist terrorists blow up government installation.

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brought order and prosperity to a crumbling, obsolete and corrupt government controlled by special interest groups.
also, Empire keeps us safe from international threats by empowering the every man as soldiers instead of the select few (Jedi).

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Love this observation! We wrote a sketch based on a very similar idea in my sketch group in college ( many many years ago now- God)- which starred coincidentally- amongst others- one the wonderful people who dreamed up this site. The sketch never got through our rehearsal process so we never performed it however. I will now however search an ancient hard drive and see if I can’t mine any jokes (should I find them – I can’t say if they’ll be funny).

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Breaking News!!!! The Rebel Network reports: Rush Limbaugh is Emperor Palpatine and Jabba the Hut’s secret love child. Full story at 11 !! Eastern Galaxy Time

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Awesome question!!!!!!!!

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No one told me there was a preconceived bias a to the political leaning of the principal actors

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I dunno, how would MSNBC spin it?

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