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I'm looking for a Uighur restaurant in the DC area. Or even somewhere else. Anyone?

Asked by jsilberg (41points) February 22nd, 2010

There is a supposedly large Uighur community in the DC area, yet I’ve failed to find any Uighur restaurants. I’m totally craving Laghman! Anyone? Anyone?

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Thats like saying since theirs a large amount of Asian people they should open an Asian buffet.

Not all Uighur people like and follow one way of eating food, because everyone is different and has their own preferences, maybe thats the reason their isn’t a Uighur restaurant in the area?

Or maybe no one feels like, can afford to, or wants to open one?

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jonesgh—that’s an indian restaurant.

chaoss—no, it’s completely different. the difference is that asian is race, and uighur is a nationality and a culture. having traveled quite a bit, i can tell you that American ex-pats all over the world have the same desire to open restaurants with food from home. hence, Mike’s Breakfast in Kathmandu and Java House in Nairobi

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This was discussed here and or perhaps you can ask these guys.

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@jsilberg I’ve been to the Nairobi Java House!!! (the one downtown and also the one at the airport, and also bought coffee to bring home as a gift from a Nakumatt or other market, forget which one). I think they also were the ones that made the sandwiches served on the Air Kenya flight I took? Not sure, but boy were they good, unlike American airplane food. Are they really owned by American expats? It seemed like Indians owned most everything there…I was told the Indians own a lot of the local hotels.

How cool is that? I’ve never met anyone else, other than the people I was there with, who have heard of it. Of course, I guess if you have ever been to Nairobi you’d see it… Oh, I am so adding you to my fluther and I do hope you’ll share your travel stories with me….

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Yes, though when I just googled Java house, it seems to have changed an expanded into a chain! There’s even one in the Yaya now, which when I was living in Kenya was pretty crappy.

Anyway, I will always think fondly of the only cafe I could get Heinz ketchup in…

lilikoi – thanks! that definitely had links to actual restaurants

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