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I have this crazy fruit juice in my fridge that's been sitting there for like a year and a half, and now there's these weird fuzzy looking things floating on the bottom. What are those?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) February 22nd, 2010

Seriously, I never threw it out, and I looked at the bottle a few days back (I was thirsty.) and there’s like two or three things floating around in there that look like cotton balls. What the hell are those?

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Per your topics: FFS don’t drink this!

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hahaha. throw it out!
you should clean your fridge more often. :p

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@Symbeline For F***‘s Sake

And yes, it is likely an advanced stage of dangerous molds.

What color is it?

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For Fuck’s Sake!

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You don’t want to know

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Well, one out of two ain’t bad. It likely IS a mold. It is likely harmless. That doesn’t mean you’ll want to drink the juice. It will likely taste very bad. But, most molds are harmless to people with normal immune systems. More importantly, ingesting a mold like that will do no damage.

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@cyndihugs My fridge is fucking awesome. I swear, I think there’s a bum living in it.

@ChaosCross Well, the juice itself is dark red. Wild berry. So I’m not sure what colour the floaty things are. It,s still in the fridge.

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In my family, those things are called Yikes, because that’s what you ordinarily say when you discover them.

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@susanc—I was about to take a swig when I noticed them, then I was like, OMGWTFBBQ!!11!!16?611!623ONE

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I believe to get fermentation (and to get drunk on said fuzzy juice), you would need the introduction of yeast into the mixture. Like when they make prison wine, they usually throw in some bread slices, I think?

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@MissAnthrope I think so. Not quite sure. I always wondered how they did create alcohol from juice and all. :/ Must taste pretty gross.

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@Symbeline – Oh, I’m sure it’s pretty nasty. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

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@MissAnthrope Yeah. I just went off and purchased some new juice, instead of drinking that.
But my curiosity for just hoe gross it can get won’t allow me to throw the old one out hahaha.

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Seriously, you never threw it out? Duh! But that’s basically, exactly, pretty much what you should do with it, the sooner the better, as in now. Yes, now! Throw it out before, and it may already be too late, whatever the hell is growing on and in it spreads it’s nastiness to the rest of the stuff in your refrigerator. I’m surprised the thing hasn’t blown up by now. Get rid of it.

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@lillycoyote Yeah, the bottle itself, (750 ML.) is all fat and seems blown up with air. It fizzed when I opened it.

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You’ve waited this long to drink it – just chug it down. Like fine wine, crazy fruit drinks age well, and should have little fuzzy things on the bottom (and top, for that matter, but you know this). Remember: don’t drink alone, and drink responsibly. Salut!

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@Symbeline You opened it? OMG! Do you have children? Pets? Houseplants? If you do, I sure hope you and everyone else were wearing something like this

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@lillycoyote I have no children. Or plants. I do have two cats, but the way they’ve been running around all night like psychos, I reckon they’re fine.

@Zen_Again Are you serious? Because if you are, I may just try it out.

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@Symbeline The cats are probably high, intoxicated by the fumes from the juice, or whatever the hell it has mutated into by this point. They’ll most likely be o.k. but they may be a little hung over, a little groggy, in the morning. But don’t listen to @Zen_Again, he is leading you astray, he’s playing “quién es más macho” with you and you are going to lose. Either throw the stuff out somewhere where it can’t be traced back to you or find out where your local nuclear waste dump is and take it there and dispose of it properly and responsibly.

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@lillycoyote LOL at local nuclear waste dump (pronounced NU-KLEAR).

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@lillycoyote Really? I think my cats are eternally high, then. Those psychos.

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@Symbeline Good, then they won’t even notice the effects of the JUICE!!!!!

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Wow , I’m sure it smells funky too !

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That’s the crazy fruit growing back and is considered a delicacy in the remote corners of the world.

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It’s a new life form; you should apply for a grant to study it.

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@Cruiser So there’s berries forming into it again? I wasn’t quite sure because I have no idea just how much actual fruit juice is in it…I reckoned it was all flavouring and chemicals.

@ccrow Oh that’s an idea…I think I’ll bring it to college and see if someone can tell me what it is haha.

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Keep it!!! Just in case you get sick and need an anti-biotic. Who needs to go to Mexico for cheap drugs when you’ve got fermented juice!!

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@TILA_ABs_NoMore Oh I’m keepin’ it.

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I wouldn’t drink that juice. I fuzzy stuff is more than likely mold. I would toss it….or keep it and watch it grow more mold. yeah that’s cool. Keep it and watch it get more messed up looking. Just don’t let anyone drink it.

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@Mikelbf2000 Haha yeah, I guess I’m easily amused, but I’m totally wanting to see how bad it can get lol.

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@Symbeline – I admire your scientific curiosity, but I suggest that you find a different location to let it ferment other than your fridge amongst all your food, especially now that you’ve opened it. Even the non-deadly kind, mold is not pleasant stuff to let waft through your home. Perhaps set it out in your garage, storage shed, or in one of those Tupeprware storage tubs outside. Besides, it’ll grow much faster at room temperature…

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@Symbeline He’s right. Leave in in room temperature on a shelf for all to see. Then the real fun begins. I only wish I could see the awesomness of this wonderful endeavor.

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Yeah that itself dawned in my head today…keeping it in the fridge after opening prolly isn’t good. I moved in in the basement, this way it’s still nice and cool and dark haha.

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@Symbeline Give it a while and post some pics :-D

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