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Filling Out Tax Information For The First Time?

Asked by anon30 (334points) February 22nd, 2010

I am only 17, and I have a Adsense account, The last step I have to complete is filling out the Tax Information to receive my payment. But I have no idea how to do this.

Do I need a bank account? If so, is a online account good enough?

What is tax money? Is it like that big check you get every once a year?

Please tell me and help me out, I really need help.

I was deciding to just use my mom’s information, she said its okay. She would use her SSN, and other info. can I do that?

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You should use your own SSN, and just fill in the blanks that are shown.

Tax is what you pay, not what you receive. The government charges taxes on income over a certain amount, and the Adsense company needs your SSN to report your earnings to the IRS.

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thats all?

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off topic How did adsense work out for you?

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what do you mean?

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There are a lot of free online tax sights. They are very user friendly and you can submit most of them online. If you are entitled to a rebate it can be deposited in a checking or savings account or receive a check. Visit the irs website to check in to these free services. Also, do not use your mother’s SSN. You use your own.

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