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Before I visit a doctor, anyone know what is wrong with me?

Asked by Johnny_2x4 (55points) February 23rd, 2010

Despite the name, I’m female. Inside joke.

So this morning I woke up and just felt horrible. My stomach was killing me and I ended up with the runs for the majority of my morning. I even had to vomit once. My body has felt drained all day because of which. And later in the day I grew a major headache that has yet to leave me. To top it off, I had a sharp heart pain for a few minutes as well. As of now only the headache, fatigue and stomach pains remain.

But this past whole week I’ve been feeling rather sick as well. It’s somewhat cold down here, but I’ve been feeling figuratively ten times colder then I ever had at these temperatures. And I think the fatigue has been there all week as well.

So list of symptoms:
-Stomach Ache

So I have some theories but I’m not sure.
-I made potato soup yesterday and my friends think that may be the cause. Food poisoning of some sort, or maybe my stomach just can’t handle it.
-Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex. He doesn’t ejaculate in me but pre-ejaculate is an issue especially since he tends to “poke” rather deeply in me. So I’m wondering if I’m pregnant maybe. My period is due soon and I have been feeling cramps and a bit bitchy, but that could be caused by pregnancy as well. Our last session was on Thursday. But have done it on several other days of the week as well.
-My kitten scratched me. A deep, long scratch. Heard that those kind of scratches can cause illness. This happened on Thursday as well. (The 18th)
-It might be a stomach flu.

Any help would be appreciated. I have an appointment for Thursday but my curiosity is wandering right now.

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It could be any number of MORE things than what you listed. You need to go to the doctor. Hope you feel better soon though, whatever it is.

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Did you take a pregnancy test? lol

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I can rule out the cat scratch being the cause. I have had Cat Scratch Fever and it is nothing like your symptoms.

Sounds like a normal bug or food poisoning. I wouldn’t worry that much about unless it starts getting worse. But you should go to the doctor on Thursday if you don’t start feeling better in the next few day.

And wear a god damn condom or get on some form of birth control. Pulling-out as birth control is dumb.

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Sounds like you’ve picked up a virus. Treat the symptoms.

I assume you’re having unprotected sex because you’re trying to get pregnant.

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@Violet Haha no I didn’t have one in the house today. I’m not very…fertile so I do feel so strongly that it’s that.

And @johnpowell and @PandoraBoxx Yes were sort of trying. Kind of at the see-saw of if we want to or not.

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@johnpowell oh I am so glad you said that. I was hoping someone would!
@Johnny_2x4 next time you talk about not having protected sex, I think it would be best to mention in the details that you are “sort of trying”, otherwise, you sound, well what @johnpowell said..

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@Violet Oh sorry. Didn’t think it was important to my question. My bad.

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It sounds to me either like food poisoning or the flu. That would be some wicked morning sickness if you were pregnant. Still, you should use condoms. You’re gonna get knocked up.

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@ubersiren Well were kinda shooting for it. So far we’ve just been having cold feet though.

Regardless good to hear it’s something minor like food poisoning. Of course I know it can be thousands of other things and if you think something else fits the symptoms please play Dr. House and give me your diagnosis!

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I’m going to slightly disagree with John. I had cat scratch fever and went through these symptoms. Of course it’s different for everyone but I just wouldn’t rule it out.

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Oh, well in that case go bareback all you want!

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@Johnny_2x4 It’s really not important to your question, but you are just going to get a lot safe sex lectures (and some might not be so nice). And good luck getting pregnant I’m jealous (my bf doesn’t want kids yet)
Have you been throwing up? Or is it just nausea?
Also, I didn’t know cat scratch fever was a real thing. I thought it was just a song! lol

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@Violet Vomited once. Felt a LOT better afterwards. But mainly it’s been coming out the other end. Been on the verge of doing it again several times today. The nausea comes and goes. And I didn’t either until my mother told me about it when i called her today haha

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your friend suggested the potato soup when you had been sick prior to that…loll

go to the doctor!

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@BoBo1946 Well it was just fatigue and cold…ness prior to the soup. He thinks the soup triggered the stomach problems as well as the nausea. Something about the milk I put in it or whatnot.

But yeah, regardless, going! Promise.

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@Johnny_2x4 I just did a quick search, and with your symptoms, the most common diagnoses was stomach flu, a “virus”, or pregnancy.
You could be lactose intolerant, and not know it. It can come later in life, and it causes the symptoms you have if you have a milk product.

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@Violet Haha thanks. Funny how something as minor as a virus and something as life changing as pregnancy have the same symptoms.

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@Johnny_2x4 excellent! Hope you feel better soon!

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@Johnny_2x4 you are so right. I was having pregnancy symptoms a week or 2 ago. I’m not pregnant but my doctor thinks I have IBS. I would much rather be pregnant!

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Sounds like the flu to me…Swine flu is still out there and is not pleasant in the meantime…..take a pregnancy test.

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@Violet wow, “been down that road,” and IBS is not fun.

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Sounds like AIDS

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Sounds like a mild food poisoning or something. Potatoes, if they grow those..root things? Are poisonous. A real food poisoning, which I got once, feels like having your belly chainsawed in half. I mean, I actually begged for my mother to kill me :(... Or maybe mine was a serious case dunno. Had headache, vomit, stomachache, and of course wet “number twos”

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I think I would let the doctor do the diagnosis and not the members of Fluther.

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Until you pay your last “Dr.Lucille Armchair Physician” bill,I won’t tell ya! ;)

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@pearls shucks!!!...guess i’ll have to give up my license!

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@BoBo1946 Gynecology or proctology license?

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Is the stomache pain in a specific spot? It sounds like Appendicitis.
So, as you can see, it might be best to go to a doctor and not have all of us try to diagnose you by reading your text.

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@pearls loll…well, i can print one out!

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@BoBo1946 lol…I could too, but I don’t really have any idea what I would like to specialize in. Sex therapy?

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@pearls had some prostrate problems a few years ago and went to a local Urologist for some help. Was in the patient’s room waiting the doctor and two ladies came into the room and this “red head” said, “drop your drawers! Well, did that….they proceeded to massage my penis with some kind of stuff…had no idea what it was! Then, Dr. Milan came into the room with a long tube….....he proceeded to attempt to run this tube up up my penis…......OH MY GOSH…took him very quickly, “Doc this ain’t going to work!” Made his mad…loll..too bad Doc!

Moral of the story…not bad at all to have a doctor run his finger into the rectum and massage the prostrate..compared too that experience.

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@BoBo1946 Ouch!! I can’t imagine how that felt.

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Stomach flu, gives you the runs and you feel glued to the couch. Drink lots of water and if you eat have some chick soup and add veggies like spinach, keeps your energy up and gives your body something to digest and just relax and make sure you have pleanty of tp for those frequent visits…

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Okay so I feel MUCH better this morning. I woke up with mild nausea and lightheadedness but its slowly going away. Think I’m getting the last of it out of my system.

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Easy does it with food, your body just self cleaned so eat good veggies, lean meats and fruits over the next few weeks. You might notice your digestion is working smoother than before!

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@BoBo1946 you’re right, it’s not fun : (

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It could be pregnancy or the stomach flu, not exactly sure

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