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Has anyone won a holiday prize from a chocolate bar?

Asked by trickface (2333points) February 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

Or does anyone know someone who has?

I’m talking about those competitions that are advertised on snack foods for a giant prize like £10–30,000 worth of year long supplies of unreal goodies or a week on the moon!/year in Caribbean sun!

I enter them occasionally for a smile but I would love to hear of a winner’s story of their prize winnings from a kitkat wrapper.

#inane questions.

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Good question! I’ve never met anyone who has won one of these prizes. I know that in the U.S. legally the companies that advertise drawings, raffles and other competitions where prizes are to be won, are required to submit the winners names to the state. The winners have to claim the winnings as income on their tax statement at the end of the year. I’m curious to see what others have to say.

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I won a Snapple favor thing once. They should have given me like a box of Snapple Apple. It was like, for 20 something people. Sad thing was that I was on my way to S. Korea and I couldnt receive it. Nonetheless I won.

Back to the topic, no I dunno any….the only one I ever got was from Snapple.

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I don’t know of anyone, including myself. Winning those kinds of competitions are usually quite unlikely.

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Never tried this!!

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Good question. I enter everything – and win very rarely – usually small things.

I do know two people who have won stuff, though: one won both a big screen TV and a trip for 5 days to Europe for two, which he said was great (these are from a kind of state lottery).

I still believe in the old adage (or parable or perhaps it’s just a fable): If you don’t enter, you can’t win. The law of averages and statistics dictate that your chances of winning a big prize are about the same as getting struck by lightni…. aaiiiyeeeee

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I haven’t won anything fabulous from those kinds of contests, and don’t know anyone who has. I have won some smaller prizes, which was still pretty exciting! Once I made a donation to United Way or something like that, and was automatically entered in a raffle. I won a weekend stay at Watch Hill in Rhode Island, which is a very pretty place. Of course, the trip had to be made in the off-season, but my husband and I still had a great time.

When Ellen Degeneres first started her daytime show, I was on maternity leave and watched it every day. Whenever the audience was given some kind of prize, you could go to the website and enter a contest to also win the prize. I did that a few times, and one day got a package from the Ellen Degeneres show. I had no idea what it would be, and was thrilled to find that I won $100 in gift certificates to Barnes and Noble. I was so excited about that one!

Finally, I once entered a contest at a video rental store and won…wait for it… a Chucky doll. Don’t hate me for my good fortune. ;)

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The only thing I ever won in my entire 13 years of life was a mountain bike from my dad’s work. We went to one of those company picnics and there were door prizes. The grand prize was a 15-speed, red mountain bike. I won it out of about 300 kids.

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I did get that tour of the Chocolate Factory once.

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@MissAusten Do you remember what book (s) you bought with the gift certificate?

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Nope! It was five years ago, and I’ve bought/read too many books since then.

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