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Sentence examples for the word ''wave''?

Asked by chiplmprincessa (70points) February 23rd, 2010

Meaning a disturbance that moves energy from place to place. I can’t even find good examples on google!

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Well, you will have to figure it out yourself. I am not inclined to do your homework for you.

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When the big, old satellite crashed into the moon, the sound waves of the crash, could be heard on earth some 10,000 light years away.

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Extra credit or not, this is still a homework question.

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I agree. this is my one and only offering for this year.

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@john65pennington that’s a good thing. The moon is about a quarter-million miles away, we don’t have satellites that orbit the moon or anywhere they could possibly crash into the moon… and sound won’t travel through the vacuum of space.

LOL… if you refuse to do any more homework answers, I guess you’d be doing kids a big favor.

Here is a hint to the OP: Look up the definition of “wave” as a noun. It’s one of those that you’re looking for here. Ocean waves, sound waves, light waves, radio waves… they all apply.

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He did not say the word had to be perfectly fitted for the sentence.

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I’m kidding you, @john65pennington. I know you’re not stupid.

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Hey, pls tell my wife that!

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@john65pennington what? You think I’m stupid?

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Homework questions send a shockwave over the community known as fluther.

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At the baseball game, the crowd performed a wave so huge that you could see it from space.

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@john65pennington Kudos for answering the question and not lecturing about homework. It didn’t cost you a thing and you helped someone. Well done.

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@Silhouette but is doing the work for her really helping @chiplmprincessa? The purpose of homework is to help the student learn, having others do it for her doesn’t serve that purpose at all.

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@SuperMouse Yes, he gave her an example, he showed her what she was looking for. If she couldn’t come up with one example on the whole of the internet it’s because she didn’t know what she was looking for. Now she should be able to come up with one on her own. Not to mention the “shock wave over the community known as fluther” that ucme is referring to should make this one unforgettable lesson for the girl. I’m certain lessons were learned here today.

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