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Electric guitar players: What's on your pedalboard and which pedal is your favorite?

Asked by djbyron (152points) March 4th, 2008

I don’t think that this has come up on fluther as of yet (unless a previous question wasn’t properly tagged). Just curious as to what’s on your pedalboard and which pedal is your favorite?

On my board:

Favorite would have to be the Diamond Memory Lane delay.

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I’m looking into a delay pedal. What makes the memory lane so great in your opinion? I’ve read a little about it on their website, watched videos, and heard samples, but what makes it so great for you?

One thing I want to do is play a chord progression and loop that infinitely, can the Memory Lane do that? Can any delay pedal do delay and looping?

Also the oscillation video on the Diamond website is really neat to me, but I don’t understand exactly how they are doing that. What do you have to play on the guitar to produce that kind of sound? (Third video here:


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You’d really just have to play it to appreciate the difference between the mem lane and another delay pedal. It just seems to fit in the pocket so much better than any other delay pedal i’ve used. Tone cuts through and it’s amazingly unique in a world of digital effects. I have a TC Electronics digital delay on my board too due to some of the limitations of an analog delay pedal but I use the ML whenever applicable.

In regards to infinite looping… It is possible but probably not in a live scenario. If you plan on doing that live a pedal with digital presets would be more fitting. Not sure what he’s playing in order to get that sound… Send them an email and I’m sure they’ll respond (i’ve worked with them numerous times regarding the ML mods)

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I just use a digi pedalboard and change it to whatever I need.

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awesome question! Okay where to start? Boss tuner. Keeley compressor. Keeley modded boss blues driver. Ernie ball junior volume pedal. Line 6 DL4. Akai headrush E2. And keeley modded ibanez TS9. All powered by a voodoo lab pedal pad. My favorite pedal would have to be either the compressor cause it sounds so clean and tight. Or the keeley blues driver cause its new and I run it on my fender hot rod deluxe clean channel and it gives it the perfect amount of warm grit. Then I boost with the TS9.

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Awesome setup bro! Ooooo Keeley [homer simpson voice] I gotta second that. Although the Diamond ML is my favorite pedal I have to agree that the Keeley pedalsw that I own (compressor and katana) would be my next two favorites. It’s amazing how a compressor can be so “musical”. I haven’t checked out the blues driver but if or when I upgrade my pedalboard to the next size up (or go rackmount with a midi controller) that one is on my list! I’m currently using the Katana as a clean boost (so that it matches the levels of my dirty pedals) but if I crank it up it’s probably pretty similar to the blues driver in that it adds just a touch of saggy grit! Really nice….

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A rackmount with a midi controller set up would be so awesome. I want to do that so bad. I really want to get this: My band recorded a full length in Nashville this past summer and the engineer had one and i really liked it. I want one bad! my band, check us out.

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Yea that’s one of the midi controller options I’ve been eying up.

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Nothing, right now it is just straight up amp to guitar and I have grown to prefer that way….

I have a vox wah and a new digitech pedal that is all right now that I use from time to time.

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