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how do I find out if this girl likes me

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I work with this girl who always likes to talk and flirt and joke around with me. Sometimes she acts like she likes me and other times wont even talk to me. She knows I have a gf and always asks me about her like if shes still my gf. So how should I find out I like her alot and want to dump my current gf.

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well if you’re thinkign about another girl i would automatically end things with my current girlfriend, right? . .
just talk to her, ask her if she wants to do something outside of work.

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Start with breaking-up with your current girlfriend. Then try asking the second girl out for coffee. If you don’t break-up with your current GF first that makes you a douche bag.

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you work with her? don’t bother. you never want to mix those two things.

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my current gf works with us. The fun part is they’re both illegal and don’t speak English. I talk to them in Spanish which I know well but some ideas I can’t convey in the same way.

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I’d be in a lot of trouble if every guy I flirted with dumped his girl. Sometimes flirting is just for fun, and there’s a certain safety in flirting with guys who are already taken. You aren’t trying to steal him, it’s just for fun. I wouldn’t ever date a guy who dumps his girl to come after me.

He’d just leave me for the next chick who looked his way.

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it isn’t like she’s any girl. She is special. My gf is the one I took cuz it was easy she wanted me anyways. My gf is also like in love with me and wants to marry me lol what can I do I don’t want to break her heart but I don’t love her. I actually have stronger feelings for this other girl.

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At this point, nothing about the new girl matters. Don’t drag on your current relationship any longer if you are certain it won’t last. Every day that passes will double the pain of the breakup. Good luck.

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you need to break up with your current gf asap. You’ll hurt her even more later on and besides, you shouldn’t be in a relationship if you’re unhappy. As for the other girl, just ask her out. What harm comes from that?

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Break up with your girlfriend. If you don’t love her, don’t waste her time. Then, and only then should you ask the other girl out. But get ready to get dumped yourself, because if this new girl knows you have a girlfriend, and flirts with you anyway, It sounds like she doesn’t have any more respect for a relationship than you do. She will probably dump you for the first guy that sparks her interest.

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