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Does anybody else miss the post 95 music?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) March 4th, 2008

Some of the best songs (Iris, Semi Charmed Life, Tubthumping to name a few) were created in the 90s and now we are only stuck with an abundance of Mall Punk (Fall out boy, The Used, My Chemical Romance to name a few offenders). Does anybody else miss the past?

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i honestly miss some 90s music.
but if you think fall out boy, the used, & mcr are the only bands out there these days then you’re sadly mistaken…
yeah i miss a lot of music from the 90s, so much!
but there’s a lot of great music to be discovered. stop listening to the radio lol

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deffinately some great music came out of the early 90’s and yes this new stuff is pretty lame but what can we do?

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I miss “good music” back then music seemed better, Now Its just one stupid song after another. music seemed to have more “feeling” to it” back in the day. now its just seems like they think of something stupid which can be catchy, throw a few other lyrics around the catchy chorus, and put perfectly played music to it and get sound engineers to make sure all the pitches are correct in every note sung.

I’ll just be glad when some thing new comes along and makes me say “wow” . Lately that hasn’t happened

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get out of mainstream….

there’s so much great music and musicians out there. seriously, what’s going on? ha

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I used to know semi charmed life lyrics well enough to sing in my sleep. You just made me feel old; every single one you mentioned hit a chord.

How about nodoubt’s “don’t speak” and “I’m just a girl” ( my theme song)...
or Selena’s “thinking of you”....

Or zoot suit riot…3am

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correction. the BEST songs were created in the 80’s. madonna. bruce springsteen. prince. wham. bon jovi. U2. tina turner. lionel richie. duran duran. cause it was the VIDEO decade. THAT was the decade. dont kid yourselves. the 90’s were LAME in comparison (so sorry to those too young to remember the 80’s)

AND a special shout out to NKOTB New Kids On The Block

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booo 80’s


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I have noticed as time goes on, the music of the time becomes more and more, uh… dissonant. That is to say melodic phrases from the turn of the century which would be termed the ‘pop music’ of the day would be less likely to cause ones eyes to bleed as some of today’s popular music.

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