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What did old people look like in 1990?

Asked by NayNayNayNay (37points) December 25th, 2011

I keep thinking of the “Into The Wild” movie with someone starring as Christopher McCandleless, and there’s a scene where he’s about to call his family, but an old man in a trucker hat is trying to reason with a separated wife.

Chris gives his last quarter, to extend the old man’s call, but ends up saying “No No No No” and she hangs up.

(I have a gut-feeling that if he said “Nay Nay Nay Nay” instead, the wife would say, “That’s weird! Why do you start using nays now?” and therefore keep the conversation going.)

That was just ONE example of what an old person looked like in 1990.

(Google Images doesn’t appear to understand when I look for them myself.)

Therefore, could you please provide more examples of what old people looked like in 1990? Thanks.

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Pretty much just like they look now, just in slightly less fashionable clothes. Seriously, though, the way people look hasn’t changed all that much in the last 20 years.

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Waaaaayy back in the 90s?!?

What do I look like, a historian or something?~

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Havent changed much…...

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Like old people…?

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younger than they look now.

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Pretty much the same way they looked in 1989 and 1991. Are you asking about appearance or word choice? There’s a difference.

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Waaaay back in 1990. Just had to repeat what @cprevite said, because it is exactly what I thought at first also.

First, what is old? I would say 50–70 year olds look younger than they did 50+ years ago in general, but I do not see any significant change since 1990. In my experience some of it has to do with what part of the country someone lives in, especially for women. In some parts of the country practically 100% of the women dye their hair as they start to grey, so they look younger and are dress more fashionable, so they tend to look younger. Better diets also affect how people look as they get older.

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They looked more like the old people from the 50’s but they probably didn’t dress as well.

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Enlarge my icon, I’m the old guy in the blue and white shirt. That picture was taken in the early 90’s and I haven’t changed much except for some extra black and blue marks and I never say nay.

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In the olden days, people didn’t live long enough to be old.

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They looked… like old people. And according to the photos I found… some (just like people in 2011) had strange dress sense, smoked, received accolades.

Random old people from 1990 1

Random old people from 1990 2

Random old people from 1990 aged 1000 3

Random old person from 1990 4

Random old people in mall 1990 5

They just look like older people to me.

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@ratboy Olden days 1990s? I think of the olden days as the 30s, 40s and 50s. I guess it depends on how old you are now. Any who how, old people from the 1990s looked like old people do today, old!

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@comity, were you born yesterday? In days of yore, young people looked like old people do today. Here is a high school graduation photo from 1992.

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@Bellatrix—not one of those people is really random; they’re all ringers!

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They are really @ratty. I went around the local neighbourhood and found some oldies and make them rummage through their wardrobes for 1990s clothes and told them to regress and go back to that earlier time in their lives. The photos show what they came up with.

I thought I would get away with it…

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LOL at @Bellatrix‘s number 3.

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Winks at @augustlan, wondered if anyone noticed. :D

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