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Does diet affect motivation?

Asked by g33s0n6656 (98points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to be more motivated! I am 25 and male and eat generally healthy. I use my prescribed adderall sometimes, but dislike the dry mouth and spacy feeling when not on it. I am looking for food/vitamins/natural supplements that will improve mood/motivation/concentration. Thanks everyone.

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Try exercising. If you can get your hear rate elevated for 45 minutes every couple days. Since you’re young, do something like kickboxing or soccer. You’ll be feeling great in no time. Good luck.

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I agree with paulc execute hard running produces endorphins

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Sometimes my schedule is so crazy that I don’t spend time cooking veggies like I want to. I take a shortcut and drink this tasty drink called “Green Goodness” by Bolthouse Farms. It is packed FULL of vitamins and nutrients because it is basically a veggies smoothie.

It can be found in the produce section of your grocer if you’re brave enough to drink something green!

Trust me, it tastes great. The apple juice flavor is strongest.

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mmm I drink ” very green” trader joes brand. Delicious

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