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Why are drumsticks shaped like that?

Asked by goose756 (655points) February 24th, 2010

Just curious why a drumstick is shaped the way it is. Especially around the tip, why not just an evenly rounded stick??

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So you can be cool and flip the around and then catch them…without missing a beat!

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because it gives the drum a good sound when it hits the drum…............. i think

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because if it was shaped like a cone it wouldn’t be a stick…

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They are shaped that way because the tip of the stick, often called the bead, provides an even, consistent sound when hitting cymbals or the drum. The butt of the stick, or the handle is shaped to give the drummer something to grab while still giving a even sound via the bead.
Playing with the butt of the stick gives a rawer, more trashy sound. Not good for jazz.

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I just did a doubletake to make sure you weren’t talking about the ice cream treat.

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I honestly thought this was about bird legs. Maybe I should go lie down before I cause an injury to myself.

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I thought because that’s how they grow- dumb question!! maybe a few of us are hungry!

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Because the meat would just slip off, silly.

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Yeah, I’m a drummer, and I can tell you there’s a HUGE difference in sound between the end with the “bead” and the “butt” of the stick. Having that “bead” at the end is a lot more precise, and makes it easier to place notes. It’s also fatter around the end not only to give the stick more weight (therefore better velocity) but also a better grip.

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I am a drummer, too. the real answer is less weight at one end. having a solid piece of wood would be heavier and you could make those fancy drum licks without one end being lighter than the other.

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It would be harder to gnaw the meat off that way.

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