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What could these symptoms be (read all additional info plz)?

Asked by DominicX (28777points) February 25th, 2010

I’m not that worried, but I’m pretty curious because this doesn’t seem to match anything I’ve had before.

I get sore throats every time I get a cold. It’s always the first sign of a cold for me. But the sore throat I have now is different. First of all, I have no other symptoms of a cold, no congestion, no runny nose, no phlegm, nothing. I just have a sore throat.

I thought it might be strep or something (I’ve never had strep before), but I don’t have a fever and that seems to be a primary symptom of strep. The only other symptom I have is that my mouth tastes extremely bitter (this is not normal for me). The bitterness will go away after eating, but then it will come right back and right now, it’s so bad I almost can’t stand it. I’m sure my breath smells pretty bad, too.

Last night I woke up around 5:30 with the sore throat pain so severe that it was preventing me from falling back asleep, so I took Tylenol. Sore throats I get from colds are usually not that bad at all.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Keep in mind I am a certified hypochondriac.

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Do you still have your tonsils? Perhaps they’re infected. Something’s infected, at any rate.

Off to the uni clinic with you!

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Acid reflux.

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My son had that same complaint for four days last week. He seems ok now. We’re in your general neighborhood (South Bay). Maybe that’s just what’s going around right now.

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Yeah, I still have my tonsils. I probably should go. I’m gonna go to bed soon, but if this is still there tomorrow, I will probably go.

Another interesting thing: When I have a cold-based sore throat, drinking water is painful and horrible and I avoid it all costs and I always wince when I swallow water. This is not like that at all. The sore throat is pretty bad, and yet my ability to drink water without pain is not affected.

I wish I could see down my throat or something. It’s just not easy to see.

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My first inpression was a dental abcess.

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@Lightlyseared I don’t think that could be possible; I don’t have any kind of toothache.

Ugh…I’m tired so I keep yawning, but yawning is so painful… :(

Sorry, I know I’m using this to complain, but I’m honestly curious. I have no idea what this is. I didn’t mention it in the original post, but I do remember one time I had a sore throat that kind of felt like this. It was after a cold, though. All symptoms of the cold were gone except for the sore throat and it was pretty much only the left side. But of course that was over a year ago and it went away after a few days. I never found out what that was all about.

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@DominicX You will only get toothache if the abscess is pressing on a nerve. If you have a little abscess on the gum line you might not even notice it unless you are really looking. The pus will give you the funny taste in the mouth and if you were to swallow it a sore throat.

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Hmm…forgot about mono…

Still, all these things seem to involve a fever. If I had a fever, I tell you, I wouldn’t be posting this right now. That kinda gives me hope that it might not be that bad, but we’ll see.

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Just because most people get a fever with mono, or strep or colds or flu doesn’t mean your sore throat is not symptomatic of one of these ailments.

Fir a truly accurate diagnosis, you should see your medical practitioner, or go to your local ER if symptoms persist or worsen.

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Yeah, I know. I will probably go tomorrow, like I said, if it continues.

Interestingly enough, it seems to be worse at night and better during the day.

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The flu often behaves worse at night (typically because you are weaker at night time, and your defenses are lower).

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The sore throat without congestion and bad breath sound like strep. Usually you would have a fever with strep or mono…maybe go to your doctor or school clinic

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breathing air with high concentration of oxygen and it will burn your throat

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With the bitter taste, it sounds like strep to me, fever or no fever. Whenever I get strep (which is fairly often… I’m lucky like that), the fever is always the last thing to come on. I always get a sore (sometimes it starts off scratchy) throat, fatigue, dry mouth, bitter taste in my mouth, and white spots on my throat. I’ve been known to skip the fever entirely.
Wait a day or so, then go see your doctor if it continues.

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I have the exact same thing…exactly!! Mine is over 2 weeks old now and Monday I finally went to the Dr after mine started to bleed. I’m on antibiotics now and my advice is don’t wait as long as I did and go to the doc today.

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My daughter had strep once with no fever. She also once had it with no fever OR pain, and the only reason we took her to the doctor was because she broke out in a scarlet fever rash. You might not have strep, but don’t discount it, or another infection, because there’s no fever. I’m glad you’re going to see a doctor. Let us know what he or she says!

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The first time I got strep, I had no fever and I had the bad taste too, it was from thrush! I’d go see a doctor. My throat hurt so bad I told the doctor it felt like I was swallowing broken glass!

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I get strep pretty frequently too, and mine usually doesn’t come with fevers – but the rest of your symptoms sound exactly like I feel when I have strep. Definitely go get it checked out – if it is strep and you let it go for too long, it can turn into something worse, and you don’t want that!

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Post sinus drip.

Just go to the doctor!

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Another possibility is oral candidiasis. Basically, this is an overgrowth of candida (fungus) cells.

We all have candida in our system in balance with everything else. But if ones body chemistry gets out of whack for any reason, even something as simple as stress, this causes an overgrowth of these yeast cells and a fungal infection is the result.

But, that also requires a medical visit both to diagnose and to get a prescription for anti-fungal medicine.

It’s just another possibility to consider. It happened to me once following a bout with pneumonia. The Dr., after asking lots of questions, concluded that the combination of the inhaled steroid meds I was taking for asthma combined with my immune system being run down from the recent pneumonia were the likely causative factors.

The symptoms I had were quite similar to what you describe. But, you really need an accurate diagnosis here. Get thee to the Doctor. ASAP

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I have an update, in case anyone was wondering. :)

It was strep throat and I got that confirmed yesterday. There actually were white spots on my tonsils and around that area by that time I went to the clinic. Still haven’t had a fever yet, though. I’ve been prescribed antibiotics and it seems to be lessening a bit now.

Unfortunately I had it for almost two days before I realized what it was and did anything about it. Who knows how many people I’ve infected…

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Luckily for anyone you may have infected, strep is super easy to cure, and the usual antibiotics are pretty inexpensive (a couple local groceries in my area offer them for free, in fact!).
Just try and remember who all you might have come into very close contact with (kissing, sharing food or drink, etc) and let them know.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I hope so. Unfortunately, it’s a little more serious than that. I may have infected a friend of mine who has thyroid cancer. She is going in for surgery soon and it’s important that she not be sick during the surgery, especially sick with something that involves the throat region. So now I don’t know what to do. I could’ve gone to the doctor earlier and prevented this. Now I’m afraid to talk to her and I’m going to feel entirely responsible if something happens. I’m just trying to avoid being around anyone now. Even after antibiotics you can be infectious.

Like, I feel really really bad about this. I’m trying to prevent myself from crying as it is right now…

I really should’ve gone in earlier, but I just had no idea that it was strep throat. I get sore throats all the time before colds and I’ve been tested for strep twice before in recent years and I didn’t have it. Oh well…

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@DominicX Don’t beat yourself up over it. You really had no way of knowing what was going on, especially if you’ve never had strep before. I know it’s hard, but you should let your friend know about the strep so she can talk to her doctor and maybe get tested, just to be on the safe side. She isn’t going to be mad at you for something you really didn’t have any control over.

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@DominicX Aw, it’s ok honey. Just get to feeling better.

Damn, and I was thinking all along it was going to be the abcess. But in the throat. This is probably the better option.

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@MissAusten @essieness Thanks guys! :) Today the symptoms really lessened and I can barely even feel it and I do not see anything weird in my mouth anymore, so hopefully it will be entirely gone soon.

And yeah, I did tell her about it. We’re just going to hope she doesn’t start having symptoms.

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