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How important is it to have a humidifier around a piano that is in a New York apartment with steam heat?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) January 22nd, 2007
We have a wonderful piano, but was told years ago to have a big humidifier in the living room nearby. Is this really important or can I get rid of this large contraption?
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Susan, Humidity is vital for a valuable piano; but a good piano tuner can install a humidifying system to piano itself. I pour a quart or so of water into a plastic tube system and it moistens the piano interior. System plugs into regular wall socket; on the piano is a little light that blinks when system needs refilling. And a plastic watering can w. the right size spout and mouth is included. I use this only in winter since the summers are so damp.
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Any competent tuner will know about the device.
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Much Much easier than the free-standing humidifiers. I use one in my bedrooom at night and have to clean the parts w. bleach once/week due to bacteria build-up. A nuisance, but my sinuses feel better. You could also try pans of water on radiators in living room.

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