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What's the difference between the community blood center and a Red Cross donation?

Asked by irishdevil99 (24points) January 22nd, 2007
I realized when I gave blood today that I wasn't donating to the Red Cross (as I had just assumed), but rather to the Community Blood Center. My question, is, what's the difference? Does the Red Cross just cover areas that CBC's can't? Do CBC's and the Red Cross work together to provide blood when big emergencies happen (eg, the WTC)?
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I'm not sure about your area, but there are different agencies that collect, process, and distribute blood in different areas. They will normally work together during emergencies, but otherwise they operate in different areas and/or provide to different hospitals.
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In western Washington, for example, the Puget Sound Blood Center is the main blood bank. They're separate from the Red Cross.
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Yes they are seperate. I think that CBC's focus on local hospitals in thier community while the Red Cross doesn't focus on one part but thousands of hospitals in the United States.

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