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Where to buy good weed in Amsterdam?

Asked by Kade13 (185points) February 25th, 2010

A friend of mine is moving to Amsterdam and though he has been there as a tourist and taken drugs which are legal there, he has never had a long term stay.

So my question is to those who live in Amsterdam and have experience with this, can you recommend good places (shops, cafes, personal favourites or general areas) where he might be able to procure good weed and not at the ’tourist’ prices.

There are also many types of weed so if you have any recommendations on types please feel free to state which you find to be good and why.

Please do not flood with personal opinions of whether weed is good/bad as this is not a discussion about weed but a question about where to purchase good weed in a place where it is legal.

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The most helpful person I met in Amsterdam was working at the Hash, Marijuana, and Hemp Museum at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148.

I imagine anyone working in the business in the city would be better equipped to answer your question. Amsterdam has its own craigslist.

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I can’t recommend any particular place to buy from, been too long since my last visit… but I would recommend looking out for either White Widow, or White Rhino!

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I Wanna live there!!! :D
And Smoke weed everyday!!

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Are you fucking kidding me? This question stays up, seriously?

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at every cafe you can ask for some and sure enough, there it is served to you. Enjoy your cheeba and coffee!

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White widow, white rhino, and white Russian are the best..

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The best is at barneys! Anyone who’s ever picked up a high times magazine should know that, it hosts a bunch of strains that won several cannabis cups.

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